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Vampire Knight Fan Club!

This is a group for a fan club for the famous Vampire Knight Series!!!!! lol. ^-^ i hope to meet a lot of new people and make many new friends! ^-^ Zero-kun is my favorite so none of u can have him, lol just kidding! see u there! *or am i kidding about Zero-kun..........NO, lol*

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if you have been keeping up with the manga and the anime you will see that the anime is rapidly catching up with the manga. possibility one: normally when this happenes the anime company will just add in a buch of pointless filler episodes so the manga can get ahead. unfortunately the vampire knight manga comes out once every month so it would take about a year at least for the manga to catch up. possibility two; when this part of the vampire knight saga is over that it for the series witch also isnt good. possibility three: the manga will continue and the anime will continue but the storyline will go in to separate directions. this might end up bad for the anime because it is biased on the manga chapters witch have been thought out for an entire month so the storyline wouldn't be as throughout and well developed i want to know what you think about this and tell me wat you think could happen

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added: 15 yrs ago


yeah i have been keeping with the manga and i noticed that the anime is up with the manga. well i think its crazy. the anime is going 2 b finish b4 the manga. so thats like when the the anime ends it teels u how the manga is going 2 end too. i think they might changed the ending from the anime. like in the manga she picks kaname and in the anime she picks zero something like that.

added: 15 yrs ago


no in the anime yuuki went with kaname back 2 there home and the zero start 2 remember his past about yuuki and how they work together

added: 15 yrs ago


i doubt Ch46 is the last Chapter soo or the anime will finish before the manga or more probably they will make a season 3 honestly i hope it comes to an end to know with who Yuuki ends up even if i don't think she ends with Zero =_= im for a tragic Final or something like that Ep 11 was too dramatic i dummo a different choice for anime and manga they are the same they had to change before not Now just my opinion hi^_^ Merry ChristMas to You guys *hugs*

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