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" “The best thing about dreams is that fleeting moment, when you are between asleep and awake, when you don't know the difference between reality and fantasy."

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witchchick001 | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (12) |
Friends (85)

Happy Christmas Eve!!!! or watever...

Posted 14 years ago

kanasohma-780 | Videos (4) | Channels (1) | Favorites (25) |
Friends (382)

this is kana nd i have left veoh for good it suck nd its gay if u want to chatt to me again go tin leave me a message in time from time i will try too reply to u

Posted 15 years ago

animelover398 | Videos (0) | Channels (4) | Favorites (79) |
Friends (448)

HEY SIS!!!! XD *hugs u tight* listen if you have a youtube then my username is mangaluver924. the family is going to move to youtube for now on now ^.^ see you there sis!!

Posted 15 years ago

Akajiri | Videos (0) | Channels (1) | Favorites (38) |
Friends (248)

hey autumn i got money bak so u can call wenever u want *hugs* reply to me soon sis i miss ya k

Posted 15 years ago

Akajiri | Videos (0) | Channels (1) | Favorites (38) |
Friends (248)

hey kana im sending u a comment dunno if u got new veoh but if u dont and u got my message plz answer otherwise u can call me on 9th if i find my cell fone i lost it but try to call if u want to im out of money lol from talkin 2 a certain sumbody ahaha lol love ya sis cya l8r

Posted 15 years ago

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i am nice and kind like to be different hate being normal,interested in weird things, i like to do sports, drawing, sculpting i am very creative when it comes to art. like havin fun. also love to go different places and seeing the world


anime/manga computer video games and photography


bleach, fruit basket,toheart2 , love hina d.gray, world of narue the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya , code geass, kimikiss pure rouge...and more


comedy, romance,action


all kinds

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