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invaderaimee | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (26) |
Friends (513)

im SOOO SSSSSOOOORRRRYYY 4 my late reply!! -_-' ive been to buzy and my compter crashed like a thousand times! anyway idk how she forgot bu i think dat she didnt see us go in and though no one went so she locked it i guess lol! but how ya been these last few weeks!? ^-^

Posted 15 years ago

invaderaimee | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (26) |
Friends (513)

SRY 4 the late reply!! ok well it wuz testing week and we had 2 hours even classes & odd classes and so my lang. arts teacher took us 4 a bathroom break and me, my friend, and another girl were the only ones 2 go to the me & my friend decided 2 wait 4 the other gurl when we heard a noise on the door but we thought it was nothing so we waited and washed our hands looked in the mirror 4 a quick second then we tried opening the door BUT it wuz stuck, well locked. then we noticed that the teacher had locked us in we started banging on the door ^0^ i was laughing thinking we were gonna be stuck until lunch when the doors open LOL!! well after waiting 4 like a minute the teacher finally opened the door and she told us she didnt know we were still in there lucky 4 us one of our buds noticed we went in there , saw the teacher lock us in and told her. LOL ^_^

Posted 15 years ago

invaderaimee | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (26) |
Friends (513)

WOW! me 2 that and some work 2 do but still ^_^ say wanna hear something freakishly funny that happened 2 me and my friend?!

Posted 15 years ago

invaderaimee | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (26) |
Friends (513)

it has been!! so how ya been?! ^_^

Posted 15 years ago

k1157 | Videos (0) | Channels (6) | Favorites (98) |
Friends (115)

Look the pic up on google type in megaman with bass cross

Posted 15 years ago

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Ichigo uzumaki

hueco mondo, Konaha villlage

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16 years ago

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I am a teenager in high school.I am in the band.I play tuba.


Halo1,2,and 3 Grand theft auto,Nintendo Wii, XBox 360, my mp3 Video games,Anime,Cartoons,Comedy


I like bleach,Naruto,Naruto Shippuden,Boondocks,Megaman NT Warrior,Shaman king, Sonic,South Park and the simpsons.


Metropolis,bloody movies,Rats,Bleach,naruto



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