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"I'm tryin to see things from YOUR point of view but i cant seem to stick my head THAT far up my ass! =]"

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Amy22Doubles | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (36) |
Friends (124)

OMG! your new bg is sooo cute! (I haven't been on in while...)

Posted 15 years ago

NatsuoLove13 | Videos (0) | Channels (2) | Favorites (97) |
Friends (546)

cause it is so boring and I got real hard parents want me to be perfect which sucks and since I always get good grades they expect the same but my brain doesn't want to. What's wrong with slacking off?! I mean I study and it's so boring. >.< and this year I got all honors and business classes when I wanted to be in art and stuff. business is so boring! Well at least I'll have some friends there. hopefully.

Posted 15 years ago

NatsuoLove13 | Videos (0) | Channels (2) | Favorites (97) |
Friends (546)

lol. yes it does. yeah I'm a young one. lol. ^u^ here i'd be in 9th when school starts. ^u^ but I don't wants to go! >.< lol. Work sounds better when you put it that way but it depends on where you work too.

Posted 15 years ago

NatsuoLove13 | Videos (0) | Channels (2) | Favorites (97) |
Friends (546)

lol. yep. I'm 14. Thanks! I'm into rock, punk, some metal, indies, alternative rock...umm..basically any music but not much a fan of country. lol. sucks. what kind of job...must suck to work so much. Hope you catch up on your sleep. cool! ^u^ Anime and music make things better!

Posted 15 years ago

Vongola11th | Videos (1) | Channels (0)

I'm going to be the 7th person. Because D.Gray-Man is totally awesome and you should definitely watch it! The guy characters are all smexy! lol the plot is good too :3

Posted 15 years ago

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Riingo Nowaki

February 13


Edge of the world...beautiful place... ^_^

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ask if ya want it...

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welcome! ^_^ lol um, i like anime/manga, resonably hot guys(mainly oriental lol) love sports, shoppin and loads of more stuff ^_^ LOVE my music, anythin with a good beat i can dance too lol wanna know more ask ^_^


my m8s, guyz, sports, music, food, anime/manga, dancin, and a heck of alot more ^_^


Hmmm... 24, heroes!!, Greys Anatomy, South Park, Jackass, Drake&Josh, Avatar, Wizards of Waverly Place & a lot more ^_^


Kung-fu films!! Anime!!! Studio Ghibli films FF7: Advent Children (Cloud=smexi!) Memories of nobody-bleach movie FMA:Conqueror of Shamballa Death Note1&2 Battle Royale1&2 Spirit Kill Bill 1&2 Transformers Jackass and a heck of alot more ^_^


A WIDE range! some of my fav's are: Bullet for my Valentine TVXQ Story of the year Eminem UVERworld Muse Panic!ATD L~Arc en Ciel Linkin Park Aqua Timez MCR Asian Kung-fu Generation and much, much more... XD cept country western -_-"

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