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"I'm keen on anime..:) Nic i i nikt tego nie zmieni, to tak już będzie zawsze;D Especially NARUTO AND HAGAREN - FEVER!!!!xDxD "

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TheDelFuegoGirl | Videos (2) | Channels (1) | Friends (182)

Thanks 4 the Christmas-wish :) «*˜●¸~·!!Happy New Year!!·~˛●˜*»

Posted 15 years ago

Karai9 | Videos (4) | Channels (0) | Favorites (1) |
Friends (10)

Well, because of coming Christmas, I'd like to wish everyone Merry Christmas and The Happy New Year, of course<my celebrating'll be started in Wednesday by Christmas Eve;P>

Posted 15 years ago

devmocchi65 | Videos (0) | Channels (1) | Favorites (9) |
Friends (904)

Hi!!!! Thank you soooo much for joining my group(AMMG). I hope you enjoy it. Luv your profile pic btw. :)

Posted 15 years ago

Otaku-chan | Videos (0) | Channels (2) | Favorites (46) |
Friends (279)

Oh arigato Gosaimasu)thabk you very much) for the friend request.Hope we become good friends.^-^So you just entered our Veoh family, didn,t you?Well,welcome.If you have any problems just ask me.Or if you want to make a really cool profile I can tell you where to watch 3 or 4 videos that explain it all step by step and are really easy to understand.Btw ,thank you so much for koining my group Otaku Paradise.Hope you enjoy being ameber of it.To tell you the truth I 'm really happy that my group is the first one you joined.Hehe.Can I ask where you found my group?I mean I alwys think about it and find some answers but I really wanna know for sure.Just being curious.Oh,and how are you doin'?

Posted 15 years ago

Karai9’s Details
Karai Uzumaki-Elric

November 16


Świdwin, Zachodniopomorskie

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15 years ago

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15 years ago

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Well, I am rather casual teenager. I graduate next year - it's my last year in gymnasium. I learn English and I like it. But as school subjects, I like Polish and History the most.


I love anime!!! My favorite titles are: Naruto, FullMetal Alchemist, Shaman King, Saint Seiya...I also like Shakugan no Shana, Bleach, and films of Hayao Miyazaki!!!xD


To be honest, I don't have.


All Parts of Harry Potter, anime films, "The last Samurai", "Seven Samurais" and "Blue Light". I enjoy watching Asian films!!!!


All Soundtracks of Anime, Vanilla Ninja, Slipknot(Psychosocial), sometimes Rammstein, Linkin Park - in othr world almost all kinds of music!!!

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