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While Kouhei ranks among the best in paranormal photography, hes never actually seen a ghost! So when he fails to capture a hauntingly beautiful young girl on camera, he knows there must be an explanation. Driven by curiosity, his spiritual insensitivity proves a curse indeed as the young photographer crosses barriers best left alone, stumbling into the arms of a haughty vampire and a world he cannot comprehend. The young vampire Hazuki, having waited years for someone to finally set her free, proves unwilling to part with her unwitting hero and follows him home, promptly adopting his life as her own. And as the adolescent vampire wreaks her own flavor of havoc, mysterious forces conspire to reclaim what was lost. Some riddles are best left unsolved.

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  • 24:32
    MoonPhase - s1e11 - Big Brother, Get Some Rest! (Eng Sub)
    Episode: 11

    With both Kouhei and Ryuuhei on the mend, the Mido household is looking forward to some well-deserved recuperation. But a convenient accident leaves the young cousins Hikaru and Kaoru stranded in Toky more »

  • 24:32
    MoonPhase - s1e10 - You're My Slave and I Won't Forgive You (Eng Sub)
    Episode: 10

    Kouhei lies in the hospital, left on deaths door by recent events. As his family waits with baited breath, Hazuki agonizes over her attempt to kill him.

  • 00:22
    MoonPhase - s1e9 - Save Me From This Dream (Eng Sub)
    Episode: 9

    With Hazuki trapped in enchanted slumber, Count Kinkel awaits the awakening of Mistress Luna. His servant no longer, Elfriede plots her Masters destruction.

  • 16:03
    MoonPhase - s1e8 Mother Came to See Me! Happy! (Sub)
    Episode: 8

    The mysterious Count Kinkel has abandoned the confines of his castle and come to Japan in search of Mistress Luna. Deception flies thick in the night as false hope draws Hazuki out of Mido family prot more »

  • 24:39
    MoonPhase - s1e7 - Well, I Wanted It (Eng Sub)
    Episode: 7

    Hazukis testing out her vampire powers, and she finds Kouheis friend Hiromi to be easy prey.

  • 24:32
    MoonPhase - s1e5 Its a Full, Full Moon (Sub)
    Episode: 5

    A servant of the fearsome Count Kinkel, Elfriede has come to retrieve Hazuki and return her to the castle. But the little vampire is less than agreeable, and a fierce and furry battle begins.

  • 24:32
    MoonPhase - s1e3 - Big Brother, Let's Live Together (Eng Sub)
    Episode: 3

    As Kouhei learns more about his adopted sibling, Hazuki's memories awaken misplaced resentment.

  • 24:32
    MoonPhase - s1e1 - Big Brother, Be My Slave (Eng Sub)
    Episode: 1

    When Kouhei fails to capture a hauntingly beautiful young girl on camera while on assignment in Germany, he knows there must be an explanation.

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