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While Kouhei ranks among the best in paranormal photography, hes never actually seen a ghost! So when he fails to capture a hauntingly beautiful young girl on camera, he knows there must be an explanation. Driven by curiosity, his spiritual insensitivity proves a curse indeed as the young photographer crosses barriers best left alone, stumbling into the arms of a haughty vampire and a world he cannot comprehend. The young vampire Hazuki, having waited years for someone to finally set her free, proves unwilling to part with her unwitting hero and follows him home, promptly adopting his life as her own. And as the adolescent vampire wreaks her own flavor of havoc, mysterious forces conspire to reclaim what was lost. Some riddles are best left unsolved.

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  • 24:02
    MoonPhase - s1e26 - Up and Down, In the Sun, Floating Away What Is It? (Eng Sub)
    Episode: 26

    In this zany encore spoof, the Mido family house has inexplicably relocated to the middle of the ocean, reason unknown. While no one but Seiji seems to notice anything wrong with this, the rest go alo more »

  • 24:32
    MoonPhase - s1e24 - Good-bye Big Brother I'm Going Back? I'm Really Going Back? (Eng Sub)
    Episode: 24

    The castle which had been her cage for so long appears, summoned by Hazukis acceptance of her fate to return to her imprisonment and her life as the unfeeling, uncaring Mistress Luna.

  • 24:33
    MoonPhase - s1e23 - Big Brother, Am I that Scary? (Eng Sub)
    Episode: 23

    Kouhei, having seen Hazukis true form and fate with the Jagan unleashed, cannot reconcile the little vampire he has grown to love with the monster before his eyes.

  • 24:32
    MoonPhase - s1e21 - Big Brother, Where Is This Nursery Rhyme From? (Eng Sub)
    Episode: 21

    Hazuki and Hikaru rush unheeding into the arms of the enemy. As they seek to escape from the elephant-headed Vargas, Yayoi and Seiji hurry to their aid.

  • 24:32
    MoonPhase - s1e17 - Big Brother, Why Is This Happening? (Eng Sub)
    Episode: 17

    Kouhei, feeling powerless to protect Hazuki should another vampire come after them, decides to take his training into his own hands when Gramps refuses to assist.

  • 24:32
    MoonPhase - s1e16 - I Have to Eat Cat-Ear Buns! (Eng Sub)
    Episode: 16

    Hazuki and Haiji have waged war on a pair of thieving crows. During the final battle, the young vampire reveals yet another hidden talent: the ability to suppress her presence.

  • 24:32
    MoonPhase - s1e15 - It's More Than a Responsibility! (Eng Sub)
    Episode: 15

    With both sides of her personalities battling for control, Hazukis feelings for Kouhei have become mixed indeed. Elfriede convinces the young vampire to seek out another under the full moons light.

  • 24:32
    MoonPhase - s1e14 - Big Brother, Will You Walk with Me? (Eng Sub)
    Episode: 14

    Count Kinkel may lie dead, but a beast of an entirely different breed has reared its head. Hazuki, haunted by the blood on her hands and a voice from the past, has the entire Mido household concerned ... more »

  • 24:31
    MoonPhase - s1e13 - Let's Defeat the Count (Eng Sub)
    Episode: 13

    Count Kinkel is a daywalker!!! With Kouhei at the Counts mercy, Hazuki steps towards the sunlight, bartering her life for her servants.

  • 24:32
    MoonPhase - s1e12 - I'll Never Forgive Him! (Eng Sub)
    Episode: 12

    Hiromi and Gramps have both been caught up in the Counts tangled web, and the invitation is sent. Despite certain failure, Kouhei, Seiji and Hazuki must set aside their fears and travel to the little ... more »

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