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body {background: url( fixed; color: green;} #veohPage{ background: transparent;} .colRight .users-box:HOVER,.users-mid .users-box:HOVER {background: black; color: white;} .collection-head:HOVER, ul.tabs:HOVER, .tabContainer:HOVER{background:black}

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added: 12 yrs ago
updated: 12 yrs ago

ShishioKagezuchi manager

This is simple too, you just add new these sections to your profile's CSS edit box under 'edit profile', add these under your body code where you added you background. If you already have these sections, go to the post after the next one. Also make sure these sections aren't in the brackets of the body code and are on separate lines. You will put new brackets under each section with the code from the third post of this section. Also refer to my tutorial video (easily make boxes invisible) for a visual example.

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added: 12 yrs ago
updated: 12 yrs ago

ShishioKagezuchi manager

YES there's another way to add yet another BG to your profile! I found a lot of people don't know this code! It lets you put an image in between your section description and your comments! make sure to play around with it for best results and its just fun lol. Make sure as always that the width and height you allow for your section header is equal to or greater than the image or problems will happen!

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ShishioKagezuchi manager

This is as easy as adding a background. remember how you added the code - background-image: url(YOUR IMAGE); - to the "body" part of your css? You will add an image the same way to sections that instead of body will be .sectioncomments (for your comments), .sectionheader (for your header), .sectionbody (for your main description block). View the visual example in my second tutorial vid (easily make boxes invisible) for an example.

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added: 12 yrs ago
updated: 12 yrs ago

ShishioKagezuchi manager

Anyone who has a background knows you added it via the BODY code, right? Well there's actually TWO kinds of body codes lol. You can use them both to add a background to the top of your page than a new one appears as you scroll down to your description. Here's how it should look, remember to add your image codes though (to produce the backgrounds!

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