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Arashi 嵐

For all the people out there that love Arashi! Group Members: Satoshi Ohno (大野智) November 26, 1980 Sho Sakurai (櫻井翔) January 25, 1982 Masaki Aiba (相葉雅紀) December 24, 1982 Kazunari Ninomiya (二宮和也) June 17, 1983 Jun Matsumoto (松本潤) August 30, 1983

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added: 15 yrs ago
updated: 1 yr ago

janebling manager

Yesss I know it's really hard to choose one however super curious to know which one it is:D Personally...I love them all...but if I would have to would be Ohno and Sho. Jun used to be right up there with them..I don't know what happened. hahahaha. Ohno is just sooo adorable and funny. And Sho...well...soooo hot! Also he is super smart. ahhhh i could go on lol

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added: 15 yrs ago


ya its really hard to choose... i love them ALL!!! well if i were to choose, Sho ir really up there along with Nino..... and maby Aiba but then i think ill just name them all..... so Sho! My favourite is Sho!!!!XD XD XD

added: 15 yrs ago


I love all the members, they're so funny!!! But my fav is Aiba-chan, he's the nicest and i love his "strange way of thinking"; sometimes he says weird things but that's always cute! ♥ Sho would be my big brother, Ohno would be my crazy grandfather and Nino his wife xD

added: 15 yrs ago


It's always gonna be hard to choose between any of them but I'd have to say Aiba-chan! His personality is super energy kawaii overload! And his smile to die for! Jun is my niban however, i love him.

added: 15 yrs ago


All of them are so nice and cute, they are so tightly linked and hardworking, so I love them more and more since year 2000 ^_^ It is hard to choose who is the best, but I love Aiba-chan most, so kind and straight, sometimes silly, but it is one of the cutest part of him! Sho is so gentle, Nino is so thoughtful and smart, Leader is so talented, MatsuJun is so serious (Wild & Sexy too, by Sho XD). Ah~ all lovely parts of men are included in Arashi !!!!

added: 15 yrs ago

kawaiidaisuki hard to them ALL!!..but maybe...hhmm..hmm..hmm..hmmm.hmm..ninomiya..^_^

added: 15 yrs ago


Everyone is awesome and cute! I love all of them but my absolute favorite will be Ohno-chan because of his cuteness! (I think you could see that by seeing my profile) My 2nd will be Aiba-chan because of his bakaness! Haha I juss love them all~! ^V^

added: 15 yrs ago


LOVE THEM ALL!!! my fav bit is when they're all playing together^^ like in shukudai-kun. but... if i have to really choose, it will be aiba-chan. i love his characteristic, it soooooo cute. still, LOVE you all ARASHI!!

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