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  • The Videogame Group

    The Videogame Group

    Manager: veohstaff

    Reviews of the latest games and other awesomeness.

    • Created: 16 years ago
    • Updated: 1 year ago
    • Videos: 274
    • Members: 2412
    • Discussions: 740
  • Favorite Anything

    Favorite Anything

    Manager: YuriLove69

    Post your favorite stuff here ^^ It can be your favorite show, genre, band, or your favorite videos! It doesn't really matter what it is as long as it's your favorite thing. You are not limited to a certain thing. Go ahead and add any video you want and post any topic! Have fun! =]

    • Created: 15 years ago
    • Updated: 4 years ago
    • Videos: 102
    • Members: 504
    • Discussions: 379
  • VPO Randomness

    VPO Randomness

    Manager: fireskull55

    One of the VPO groups. In this group you can make your posts about anything, talk about anything, take polls, ask questions, post random vids and have fun!

    • Created: 15 years ago
    • Updated: 4 years ago
    • Videos: 38
    • Members: 1728
    • Discussions: 375
  • Anime Lover27

    Anime Lover27

    Manager: DFlame105

    ANIME!!!!!.... a place for anime and manga lovers... Post all the videos you like.. Anime, and manga related... along with Japanese music if you want. ^^ (in case you wonder... anime-lovers27 means... anime lovers, 24/7.... just more simple)

    • Created: 16 years ago
    • Updated: 4 years ago
    • Videos: 44
    • Members: 1014
    • Discussions: 353
  • Sweet candy

    Sweet candy

    Manager: rikkulove23

    HEY,OVER HERE!!! This group is all about anime and music!!Cause we all know anime and music goes great together!!!So please join!!^^

    • Created: 16 years ago
    • Updated: 4 years ago
    • Videos: 78
    • Members: 675
    • Discussions: 266
  • Quotes and Poetry By Us!

    Quotes and Poetry By Us!

    Manager: amandasmith229

    Any Anime vids are allowed in this group and You can submit your favorite quotes and poems for discussion. NO PUTDOWNS OF ANY SORT!!!!!!

    • Created: 15 years ago
    • Updated: 8 years ago
    • Videos: 2
    • Members: 33
    • Discussions: 188
  • Twilight Lovers Unite!

    Twilight Lovers Unite!

    Manager: shinigamiXgirl...

    This is a group for all those Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, and hopefully soon to be released Midnight Sun fans! so lets hear what you all think!^-^

    • Created: 15 years ago
    • Updated: 14 years ago
    • Videos: 7
    • Members: 185
    • Discussions: 180
  • The 10 Roses Club

    The 10 Roses Club

    Manager: Ninilly

    this group already have all the members needed... :'( sorry if you wanted to join in... the girls: Amelie4ever, Kerushii, HeartBreaker4u, ribbons358, taketheroses, superorange4eva, miiintyfreshness, farasha130, prez. kimicub101 and manager Ninilly

    • Created: 15 years ago
    • Updated: 13 years ago
    • Videos: 42
    • Members: 12
    • Discussions: 164
  • Purefoods TJ Giants Basketball

    Purefoods TJ Giants Basketball

    Manager: WithoutRegrd4H...

    The Purefoods Tender Juicy Giants is a professional basketball team of the Philippine Basketball Association owned by the San Miguel-Purefoods Company, Inc., a company of the San Miguel Corporation. Its head coach is Ryan Gregorio. The Purefoods Corporation, once part of the Ayala Group of Companies, bought the Tanduay franchise prior to the 1988 PBA season. Purefoods-Hormel Corporation was later bought by SMC in 2001 with the team retaining their colors. The team later got its new moniker, Tender Juicy Giants, starting in the 2007 PBA Fiesta Conference. Arguably, the most popular Purefoods player is Alvin Patrimonio, who led the franchise to six championships in the 1990s and early 2000s, and was named Most Valuable Player four times. Patrimonio retired in 2004 to concentrate more on his duties as team manager for his team. Their main rivals are the Alaska Aces and the Barangay Ginebra Kings, although Ginebra is their sister team.

    • Created: 14 years ago
    • Updated: 13 years ago
    • Videos: 26
    • Members: 6
    • Discussions: 128
  • Twilight


    Manager: Twilight-The-M...

    Twilight is coming! Catch the movie in theatres November 21. Watch trailers and clips here, and don't forget to invite your friends & add stuff!

    • Created: 15 years ago
    • Updated: 2 years ago
    • Videos: 12
    • Members: 387
    • Discussions: 109

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