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words for all---friend=amigo=?

With everyone on VEOH being from around the world and me only knowing english and a few words from other languages, I want to learn to speak to others from other places without it having to be in english only..................... anyone else?

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The Lyle guy who wants to spend 60 million building a casino at Deleware Ohio in depressed state while the economy is bad at this time. Or the corrupt State officials that are getting paid under the table by the Argocy riverboat on the river in Indiana by Cincinnati. To keep gambling out of Ohio and only have the lottery and racetracks that they get rich off of. I was undicided on this for a while. Then got mad. Why should the state rule everyones life. They act like all gambling money is theres and not the citizens. If people choose to gamble their money away that should be their choice and not the states. Probition did not work for alcohol and only gave birth to organized crime. Those that must gamble will simply go to the next state anyway. I'm voting for issue 6 because I am tired of government trying to run everything in my life from smoking to what I am allowed to eat.

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Life is a gamble. You could get run over by a car or a horse could role on me. Gambling can be an addiction some as alcohol. However it's a total mental thing with now chemical dependance. In the commonwealth the people of Covington go to the Argosy and those in Louisville go to Cacsars. Both riverboats are on the Indian side of the Ohio.There is less crime if small vices are legal. Weak minded will always find a way to harm themselves even if it is overeating constantly. Local and state gov. just use it as a devise to make money playing one group against the other.

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