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The Group is dedicated to Star Wars Fans all over the world. Contains scenes from all Star Wars Movies and My Best Video Games Picks.

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I admit to being a total SW nerd...comics, novels, and I even play the Star Wars Saga roleplaying game...everything but video games because I'm too cheap to buy an x-box. Any other SW you guys and gals like? My favorite at the moment is a comic called "Legacy" which takes place 130 years after Ep 6. The republic is gone, and the Empire is in a civil war between a new Sith order (100's of 'em) and the "good" emperor. I put good in quotes because he is still all Imperial--he executes the entire crew of a star destroyer for treason--all 8,000. Plus the good emperor has Imperial Knights--fully trained like jedi but wear armor that is a mix of the Crimson Guard and Vader's. Their loyalty is to the emperor not the force....their lightsabers are all the same color (silver) to emphasize they are a military arm, not indiviual Jedi.

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cyberjedi10 manager

I'd say "Jedi" still the best in lightsaber battle probably because i still believe in the old code that what makes me somewhat "survive" in this lightsaber world. The picture in this group is asking me will I ever survive as a "jedi" or just be a memory of the past. If given the opportunity to show the world who I am. I would simply say that Star Wars will still be my choice and I will still be a "Jedi" neither of the Old Code or the New Order.

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