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The Group is dedicated to Star Wars Fans all over the world. Contains scenes from all Star Wars Movies and My Best Video Games Picks.

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added: 11 yrs ago
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What fan group is complete without the usual votes on "best of" and "worst of". We'll start with the movies, although I love the comics and novels as well. For categories I suggest the following list: Best Movie of Series Best Lightsaber battle Best joke or gag Best (i.e. coolest) planet Best vehicles (Top 3) And of course best and worst character---and I consider Anakin and Vader to be two different characters.

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added: 11 yrs ago


i think the best character is Grand Moff Tarkin, good tactician, smart, and he's even a gentleman. Even though he was a bit overconfident and arrogant. A usual bad side-effect of being an imperial. the worst character was the wampa in ep 5. coolest planet definitely Coruscant. top 3 vehicles TIE Interceptor, AT-AT, and the Naboo N-1.

added: 11 yrs ago


Cliche' it may be but my favorite character is still Solo...easily the most realistic and well rounded character. Of course I'm sticking to the the novels Boba fett is a good character, in the movies he looks cool but doesn't do much. I agree coruscant is coolest although by the time Lucas finally made episode 1, Blade Runner and the 5th element had the mile high cities already...Naboo was a close second so long as the gungans stay out of the picture. The wampa was bad, but at least he didn't talk----jar-jar did. I used to put ewoks as my most hated because they were suppossed to be wookies but lucas had trouble figuring out how the imperials kept control over wookies and cut em in half to sell cuddly dolls. All three of Padm's ships are cool even if it they stolen stole them from the SR-71 (episode 1), and XB49 (flying wing in 2) and Flash Gordon (end of ep2).

added: 11 yrs ago

cyberjedi10 manager

I think the best of the best is Yoda a mentor, a "friend" and a Grand Master of the Star Wars Saga for a long years. The best vehicle would be Anakin Jedi Starfighter very fast and very dangerous either you shoot or get shot by a laser or a missile hit you. Best Droid would be General Grievous four arms and a very powerful voice, too bad he was not given skills on the ways of the lightsaber somewhat like that.

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