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Kakashi Gaiden (1/6)
It's been a big hit on youtube so i thought id let the veoh community take a look and the people on youtube download it. Its the first of six action packed manga chapters that are Kakashi's past. So far the anime hasent shown this special, which is odd because youd think youd be able to fit it somewhere in 85 filler episodes. Also, PPL! If you don't like my songs then turn off the volume! I have Days by FLOW and Niji by Denki Groove, both are from Eureka Seven (a fave of mine ^^). Frequently asked questions: Q:Where did you get the manga? A: you need to have a account to download, no charge. Q: What chapters is it? A: Chapter 239-244 Q: What are the songs? A: Displayed in the description Q: Is Obito really Tobi from Akatsuki? A: I really know no more than you do, but i personally think i need to see a bit more evidence before i believe it, but i think its possible. Well, enjoy the Gaiden!
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