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RANDOM JPOP PVs: Pa%ra%dise GO!% GO!% - Fa%ra%way
% revolution im sorry can't comment on videos...i disabled it due to the fear of RASJAC deletion please leave a comment on my profile instead, thank you very much. i will continue uploading for all japanophiles out there! yakusoku deeee! i follow few simple rules in naming my videos. 1. % sign after each syllable 2. no % sign at the last syllable of the word. 3. there are special cases. ex. W%inds or ZO%NE, because they are single syllabled word and i cant risk naming it as it is. 4. i follow japanese pronounciation of syllables, ex: the word hitotsu, i'll name it HI%TO%TSU not HI%TOT%SU 5. song titles that has one syllable have % signs 6. prepositions, that has one syllable have no % signs (a part of words only) the rule is imperfect but its just a way to prevent my vids from being deleted (for a while) T___T thank you ^___^
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