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Nuttythesquirrel1010 | Videos (0) | Channels (0)

hey man what's up? i know it's late and everything, but HAPPY EASTER!!! I went hunting for dwarfs. What did you do? Stay alert! They may be coming for revenge. Oh yeah! How's the Japanese going?

Posted 16 years ago

Nuttythesquirrel1010 | Videos (0) | Channels (0)

heh... you're welcome for the (other) link. And im kinda in the same spot as you i think. I cant really focus on school either It's not really that I can't focus, it's probably just that I'm a little too anxious about leaving high school you know what i mean? and b.t.w, hows the (other) website working for ya? learning anything yet? It did for me. but half-way throught it, I realized that's the kinda stuff one would learn in school. They arent meant to be 1 day at a time. They're meant to be 1 WEEK at a time. i love leaving long comments in response to short ones!! I just love leaving long comments, but it's much better when short comments are expected back lol. well i hope you do better in school than I'm doing.

Posted 16 years ago

Nuttythesquirrel1010 | Videos (0) | Channels (0)

oh your welcome yo! And if you want to learn Japanese on your own time (and those who read this comment as well), you can go to "double u double u double u dot learn japanese dot elanguage school dot net" or if you want to do the edgy stuff (which just basically means learn by video) then get it from a torrent site. Mininova dot org still has it I think (the one I'm using at the moment) Yes I absolutely love cupcakes AND muffins but I don't know which I like more... Muffins usually are bigger in size than cupcakes, but cupcakes have more fun time fuel (sugar) than muffins. But muffins have a bigger variety of flavors... But cupcakes don't need all those flavors... AAAARRRGH!!! *Checks into a facility for mental health care*

Posted 16 years ago

Nuttythesquirrel1010 | Videos (0) | Channels (0)

Oh man! I remember those good ol' DBZ days on Toonami! Well hey man if you want to watch dbz episodes, then go to "double u double u double u dot watch - dragon ball dot calm" They have all of the dragonball, dragonball Z, and dragonball GT episodes. But I remember that dragonball z episode 60-something was missing. But for the most part, they have all of the episodes. Well i guess we need the higher grades to pass AND go to college, but if you just want your high school diploma, then you're fine with a "D". I'm getting my high school diploma then I'm gonna stop going to school for a while and try and get some money... Then Go back to school (College) for a few months, then go to Japan. Anime Central! I'm already learning the language and customs of Japan. The language is not as hard to learn as everyone says it is. If anything, it is EASIER to learn than English. Well I'll talk to you later... Di... Did you say. . . . CUPCAKES?!?!

Posted 16 years ago

Nuttythesquirrel1010 | Videos (0) | Channels (0)

oh sweet! you don't got school on Friday either? Nice. Bleach it up man!... Bleach it up. I have been in school all my life, and it was just today that I learned that if I get a "D" in my class, I's STILL pass the class and get my 5 credits. Aint this a *censored*?! I shouldn't try so hard. I should focus on anime and..... PIE! How about you? how are your grades looking? or do you know yet?

Posted 16 years ago

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