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17 years ago

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13 years ago

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I am into eastern religions and philosophies. Because I am so turned off by western religions especially Christianity and Islam. These western religions just hosts a lot of hypocracies and intolerance. It doesnt fit in with evolution.


Western religions kill in the name of GOD during the ancient time of missionaries.But these days, those extremists/terrorists are continuing the evilness. Western religions sees things in Black and white.Uses fear "if you dont' believe,u will go to hell"


Why is it always Good vs. Evil. I am tired of seeing those Christian Channels on a mission to covert people and looking at the different cultures/ countries as inferior or in need of a savior. This mentality is evil.


On the other hand, Eastern religions are tolerant. Like Hinduism sees all religions as different paths to the same moutain top. Buddhism recognizes changes and is very scientific. Evolution compatible. Nature friendly. Reincarnations =souls to learn /grow


Taoism focus on balance, ying yang, and harmony of diff. forces. Eco-friendly. Eastern religions are gay-friendly. Astrology compatable. new-age compatable. Eastern religions involve karma, yoga and mediation,etc.

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