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"Pudding and Taru Taru FOREVER!!"

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Rath618 | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (40) |
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If your still haveing trouble finding shugo chara doki try

Posted 15 years ago

devmocchi65 | Videos (0) | Channels (1) | Favorites (9) |
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Hey!!! Thank you sooo much for joining my group(AMMG). I hope you enjoy it :)

Posted 15 years ago

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Emma and Laura and Claire

September 17



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15 years ago

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About tmmlovers
My Website: - Laura ;D

About Me:

Well, theres two of us [Emma - Me and my friend Laura]. We live in a small villiage in the South of Wales and we both go to Ynysawdre Comprehensive School. When we're older, we're gonna work in Environmental Chemistry! (We are? Emma, You Didn't Tell Me Th


Anime/Manga: We're pretty new so we only know a few :( Our favourites so ]far are Tokyo Mew Mew and a la mode[We despise Mew Mew Power), Love Hina and Sailor Moon.Apart from that we enjoy reading [fantasy and girly teenge books mostly] and we like finding


Well, Me: I like Heroes, Merlin, Futurama and the simpsons and Laura: Spooks, Merlin and things like that. (Emma, I Do NOT Like Merlin. I Am Sorry. Emma Likes To Write For Me. Well Tough. No More Emma. And What Is Spooks? :S I Like Family Guy! NOT HEROES.


OMG! SOOO HARRY POTTER! We also cannot wait to see the new Twilight film, we love Lord of the rings - so we like fantasy films! (Ahem. Harry Potter Was So three Years Ago, Emma Darling. Lord Of The Rings Is Well Scary! But Yay For Twilight! Nobody Can Ma


I can listen to all types of music exept the two extremes - Screamo/heavy metal music and DJ Music. I like bands like Paramore, Plain White T's and singers like Katy Perry and Kate Nash. Laura on the other hand, prefers bands like flyleaf and MCR. (Laura

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