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"Somos como el tiempo perdido, como palabras dichas al oido d nadie..." "Nada mas bello d lo q nunca he tenido, nada mas amado d lo q perdi"

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0oRaino0 | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (22) |
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~cute page ^^

Posted 15 years ago

1Ichigo93 | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (58) |
Friends (49)

9,675,000,000 ppl n this world && yet i ended up with your crazy ass as a friend?Damn,Im lucky!Send this to everyone u love.^_^ Get 1 back-ppl feel sorry for you Get 2 back-You have a couple true friends Get 3 back-You aight Get 4 back-Your loved Get 5 back-Your adored Get 6 or more-Damn your a celebrity

Posted 15 years ago

cOOkies001 | Videos (0) | Channels (1) | Favorites (18) |
Friends (265)

HEY~~ hows it gOing? cOol avii n Bk! anyways....hope we can be friends! >.<

Posted 15 years ago

1Ichigo93 | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (58) |
Friends (49)

Hi how r u?What have u been up 2 lately?

Posted 15 years ago

1Ichigo93 | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (58) |
Friends (49)

hi how r u?

Posted 16 years ago

reinadeldisfraz’s Details

August 25


My body is in Buenos Aires , but my mind is flying away all the time...

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16 years ago

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15 years ago

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About reinadeldisfraz
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About Me:

I'm Agustina, but my friends call me gugui. I live in Argentina, I'm 14 years old, I'm tall, thin, with brown eyes and brown hair . My favourite colour is sky blue. I'm a talkative, extroverted and smart person; sometimes I'm also cheeky. I like makin' laught my friends, I'm really funny and I enjoy livin'! I also love languages! I speak spanish, english, some french and latin, and I want to learn portuguese, german and japanese(after that, I'll learn more...). I aslo have an account in crunchyroll is:, I betrateyed veoh! =P) My dream is to be an actress, I'm goin' to theatre and I've have been in publicities and in a popular show when I was younger. IWell, I think that's it! ... Ah! Y si bien amo ingles y me gusta practicarlo, si alguien habla castellano-español- mejor =)


I love music & anime! Watching TV, reading(speacially Agatha Christie's books), going out with friends, manga, drawing, writing(stories, song, etc) and going on the internet!


The simpsons! I'm a huge fan! I also love LOST, it's exellent! My favourites anime series are:kamichama karin(n1), cardcaptor sakura, Shugo Chara, detective conan, rave master, orphen, Kirarin revolution Manga:kk,full moon, shugo chara, pita-ten


I like "the big fish" (and "the simpsons movie". Obviously)


Queen, Aerosmith, Paris Combo, some radiohead, etc. Basicaly, rock. I don't like much pop music, and I can't stand cumbia!! I have an open mind and all that stuff, but I can't talk about music, I always end quarrelin'!

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