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"You must first see the road less traveled before you can open your eyes to the world"

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Nyponblomma | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (2) |
Friends (3)

I wrote a really good comment but it got lost. *sad* Anyway,I'm from Sweden and I must say,great job with those vids! (haven't watched the others,yeat) Hope you'll come back and see more of Sweden. If you missed it last time you were here,you have to check out the Medieval Week on Gotland! It is a festival were Gotland turns medieval and the best of the jesters and medieval musicians come and preform and almost everyone dress in medieval clothing. Not to mention the...I don't know the word for it,it's when the "Knights" participate in a tournament and battle each other. The atmosphere in Visby during that week is something I look forward to every year. <3 Also you could visit Västerås (Vasteras) it's only an hour from Stockholm and it's not all that bad. We have a cool hotel that is a tree house in the city park for instance and a underwater one in the harbour. Sorry for blabbering so much Väl Mött (= Take Care)

Posted 16 years ago

Nyponblomma | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (2) |
Friends (3)

Hi I'm from Sweden and I have watched some of the vids you made when you were in Sweden.They were great! Hope you come back some day. Something you should not miss is the Medieval Week when Gotland is filled with the best jesters and medieval muscians Sweden has to offer.Also,most people dress in medieval clothing and oh,it's the best week of the year! Next year, 2008 the festival is celebrating 25 years! Sorry if I got carried away. Thanks for the vids Cheers

Posted 16 years ago

adeina | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (0) |
Friends (0)

I like your videos. Especially the one in Antarctica, that's awesome! I hope I can follow you to reach the 7th continent too :-)

Posted 16 years ago

sueanndowney | Videos (0) | Channels (3) | Favorites (50) |
Friends (613)

Nice clean videos. Veoh needs more like these. Hope he's careful lot of Anti-Americanism around the world in last several years.

Posted 16 years ago

rajraj | Videos (0) | Channels (1) | Favorites (1) |
Friends (6)

i like your videos? have you record them by yourself? :)

Posted 16 years ago

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