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"Whoa. Purple blender. Do you think it'll have massive XP, too? ...What's a "Death" spell do? ...Oh. RUN! Runrunrunrunwho the f put these swinging axes here?runrunrunrunrunrunFIGHT! We WON! Give us our mega-XP! —Oh, crap, it revived. RUN! Runru"

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npbaark’s Details

April 19


Soroe boarding school

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17 years ago

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15 years ago

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I'm, er, wierd I think. You will probably not want to contact me, since I live at a boarding school with a fragile broadband connection and loads of horny teenage boys playing WOW... Not a good mix. So sometimes the Internet goes bye-bye. M'yes... Besides, I might be too odd for most people, plus I'm boring. I mean, when I say watching tv is my main interest, that should tell you something right there. I'm the kind of person only liked by small children, hairy animals and my mum. So I might not write you back but.. if you're funny, I'll probably like you anyway. Same thing if you're awesome or smart, but not so much. Cuz awesome or smart people tend to not share their ice-cream. Which reminds me, if you got ice-cream, I love you long time.


Bothering people, watching telly, playing games (any kind cuz I'm a butt-load of fun! WEE!...not.) blowing up the oven, (third times the charm!) reading, bothering people some more... Oh and I like words. Any words. Just not... abbreviations... or "misspe


llins." Dragonball original z & GT, Hellsing, (gore-filled Inuyasha, Simpsons, South Park, Monty Python, Mr. Bean, all sorts of funny clips of stuff on the internet, Buffy the Vampire Slayer... and anything with Hugh Laurie. Cuz 'e's cute like a button :3


Dogma, Back to The Future 1 2 & 3, Matrix,(every Tim Burten film except Batman)Constantine, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe, every film with Robin Wiliams, Johnny Depp or Jim Carey, The Ring, Singin' in the Rain and many more for which there is no roo


m, so I'll continue here: X-men 1 2 & 3, Underworld, Shrek, Ice Age, The Mask, Stargate, Puckoon, Interview with a Vampire, Jurassic Park, Independence Day, Goldie Hawn movies... You get the point and etc. I don't like music much. Its annoying... ^_^

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