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""2 Learn while living and 2 teach while I live."Is Awsome"!!"

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colormeKEV0 | Videos (18) | Channels (0) | Favorites (4) |
Friends (0)

Whats up sister ^_^

Posted 15 years ago

vote4KEVO | Videos (16) | Channels (0) | Favorites (4) |
Friends (340)

My email is you want to, send me a message and I will send you the code for a new BG(dont worry, even though I think you are cute,I am not a go to edit and make your location just the initials of your state.Thats a glitch that is causing a lot of problems ^_^

Posted 15 years ago

SeveredSoul | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (22) |
Friends (3)

Thanks for the friend invite =)

Posted 15 years ago

voteforKEVO | Videos (91) | Channels (17) | Favorites (31) |
Friends (514)

I am glad you are still liking the BG.If you want to play with it go to and find a pic that you like and copy the direct link of it..Then erase the code in the parenthesis and put the new link in.If you mess up you can PM me and I will fix it back ^_^

Posted 15 years ago

voteforKEVO | Videos (91) | Channels (17) | Favorites (31) |
Friends (514)

The girl in my BG is Yami from my current project To Love Ru..You want see her until later episodes and she also goes by the name Golden girl from my avatar I cant remember her name with out some was from a pretty eechi anime likes that sort of stuff sis ^_^

Posted 15 years ago

mishka923’s Details

January 16


in the backyard picking your daisies, of sanity, complete sanity ( yes) sane!!!

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16 years ago

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11 years ago

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I will pretty much watch any series all the way thru I am an anime friek a real one I can never get enough. I love it. & I love everybody I have met because of it. I myself draw and paint. Now if I told you anymore I wouldnt have anything for myself.


throw it at me & I will watch & tell you if it interest me.. Or I will find it on your page..


TV Hmmm. Anime..or Nip tuck,the cleaner..Anime or animonday, Adult swim.. Honestly tv is not for me...I Love looking straight ahead 2 the start of something Great! Leaving life's stories behind for others as they look forward, 2 their future



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