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"I'm trying to start this again."

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KIRAfan21 | Videos (16) | Channels (1) | Favorites (127) |
Friends (20)

wats up?

Posted 15 years ago

EmbieRochelle | Videos (21) | Channels (6) | Favorites (1757) |
Friends (667)

Wah. -Smothers with huggles.- I missed you sooo much. I thought you forgot about me. -Sniffles.- I am doing alright, tired and I am running around trying to get everything done as vacation draws an end. I'll be sure to write you an e-mail next time. -Huggles.- I'm sorry. My layout is a little crazy. Lol. How have you been, Lissi-chan? Doing well, I hope.

Posted 15 years ago

jigokubutterflie-nena-chan | Videos (1) | Channels (1) | Favorites (36) |
Friends (15)

ooh that's pkie :3 i don;t go here much, so that's ok xD and i download here x] ooh and im good!.. ^ o ^ how are you..?

Posted 15 years ago

ed0909090909 | Videos (7) | Channels (0)

hey can you tell me why bou quit an cafe?

Posted 15 years ago

sexyizzy | Videos (0) | Channels (1) | Favorites (144) |
Friends (107)

what u know about esnip?

Posted 15 years ago

lollipop-chan’s Details
Lissi Rainbow

January 18


Lost City

Member Since:
16 years ago

Last Login:
14 years ago

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About lollipop-chan
My Website:

I have many.. facebook, myspace, youtube, veoh

About Me:

I'm Lissi and I like drawing and hanging out. I don't really listen to many Japanese bands anymore, I used to though so I still know all the names of them. I'm a EXTREMELY big fan of Utada Hikaru! (I want to be her, and I want to make my life just like hers. She really is a perfect role model)


Hanging out with my friends and boyfriend, listening to music, watching videos, MSN-ing...


I don't watch much but Skins, The Big Bang Theory, My Name Is Earl, The Simpsons, Family Guy are some.


I hardly watch movies anymore but actually Horror is always funny/creepy and comedy and romance are quite a win, right now I like the movie Twilight (haha one out of many)


Utada Hikaru, Lady GaGa, The Pidgeon Detectives, Gorrilaz, Kitade Nana, Prodigy, Kanye West, The Ting Tings, alice nine, Nelly Furtado, Sam Sparro, Lady Hawke, Robyn, Rihanna, Radiohead, R.E.M, Paramore, Nerina Pallot and more!

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