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""People seem to think if they dress like a revolutionary they don't really have to act like one" - Banski"

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thankyou for all your hard work i can see how much you care about this wisdom knowledge the people of south america and ayahuasca enlightenment does seem to come at a price like you say it is about respect not just taking what doesn't belong to us stay strong my gringo brother

Posted 10 years ago

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For the past 7 years Jerónimo M. M. has been working on a documentary project exploring ethnobotany, pharmacology, and the roots of faith... Together with Mark Ellam we began by filming the way in which indigenous peoples have protected themselves from acculturation by hiding their traditions back inside the religions of the colonizers. What we found touched on the very origin of faiths on the process by which religions are created and lead invariably to healing to that point of human history where medicine and religion were not separate things. We extended our investigation to include traditional medicines which, even today, are the only health care that two thirds of the world's population employs.


We have traveled a dozen countries and three continents interviewing priests and shamans, scientists and curanderos, intellectuals and illiterate farmers, leading thinkers and...


anonymous people's whose lives have been transformed by their encounter with these worlds. We have filmed otherworldly rituals and extraordinary behaviors that at the same time manifested something that seemed universal to all mankind.


This common elements make the basis of our investigation.


anthropology, traditional medicine, cybernetics, human factors, transcendence, convergence, field recordings, interfaces, entheogens, pop archeology, ancient systems, emergent memes, interactive video, new edge, systemic analysis

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