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"Don't let your dreams die, keep them alive for and untill you reach Eternity. Don't ask what this means figure it"

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knjilu’s Details
whats it to ya, seriously do you care

mind your own business.....just kidding, lol,

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13 years ago

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11 years ago

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i love naruto, i play the guitar(sorry for the typos if thers are any) i am a frikin' geek when it comes to star wars, i love cracking jokes, and if you read the rest of my profile you will be able to tell that i kinda like The Jonas Brothers(hell who am i kidding, I LUV THEM OMG)....yeah. P.S. i also luv animals(i cry when i see an animal get hurt thats how much i love them).


hobbys,playing guitar, my intrests, well a lot of things intrest me, like the fact that baboons have big red butts, but seriously, xbox 360*cough* jonas brothers*cough* naruto, my ipod, SPRITE(my puppy, yes my puppy)


Naruto, Family Guy, Dirty Jobs, Worlds Dumbest & JONAS.


Idiocracy, Bruce Almighty, Naruto, Employee of the Month,(geek alert) STAR WARS, Land of the Lost & Night at the Museum 1&2(especially 2) Jonas Brothers: The Concert Experience.


The Jonas Brothers, All American Rejects, Boston, Fleetwood Mac, Sweet, Kiss, The Outlaws,3 Doors Down, The Knack, Bon Jovi, Foo Fighters, Journey, Survivor, Blue Oyster Cult, Jet, ACDC, Kansas, Elvis Presley, Panic at the Disco, Jimmy Eat World.

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