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""better to ask for forgiveness then to ask for permission""

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dude!!!... your vid was awesome "anime world tortament" in the beginning of the vid, it showed 4 animes, wat was the anime in the top right corner? it showed a guy slideing his fingers down his sword..

Posted 13 years ago

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September 26


Kanoha, Fire Country

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Well I am a Japanese fanatic who loves everything that comes from Japan. I am a pretty nice guy unless you are mean to my friends or you piss me off then a dark side of me which usually stays hidden will emerge and it is rather evil so hopefully none of you will have to see it. BTW my real name is Kurtis, I am just so obessed with japan that I go by Khrono a lot and all my friends say I act like freaking naruto so yeah I added the Uzumaki!


Obivously I am into anime and I like sci-fi stuff. I am into muscle cars and import tuners. I love video games especially RPG, racing, action-adventure, and anime based ones. I love making Anime Music Videos(AMV's).


South Park, Naruto, Prince of Tennis, Inuyasha, Initial D, Elfien Lied, DBZ, Zoids, Pita-Ten, Gantz, Samurai X/Rerouni Kenshin, Ninja Scroll, Mezzo Forte, Survivor, American Idol, Smallville, Lost, Mind of Mencia, Chapelle Show, .


FF7, Blues Brothers, Smoky and the Bandit, Matrix Trilogy, Blade Trilogy, Star Wars(all of them), Silent Hill, Resident Evil 1&2, Scream 1&3, Scary Movie-all, American Pie-all, Sptderman-all


Survived Abortion, ICP, Cradle of Filth, Simple Plan, All That Remains, Lamb of God, Disturbed, Static-X, System of a Down, Eminem, Linkin Park, Nickelback, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Evanescence, Aerosmith, Gorrilaz, Ozzy Osborne,

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