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"Life is like a rainbow beautiful but never everlasting."

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blue3unny | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (18) |
Friends (42)

Hey ♥♥ Wanna be friends?

Posted 12 years ago

screwFunimation | Videos (8) | Channels (1) | Favorites (0) |
Friends (80)

yeah im trying but I've got to download them as well as upload them and my internet connections pretty crap. Also having some trouble getting number 3 still I'll carry on as best and as quick as I can.

Posted 12 years ago

KawaiiCuteAnime | Videos (1) | Channels (1) | Favorites (5) |
Friends (189)

Hey ♥♥ Wanna be friends? If you need a background I can make you one ^-^

Posted 12 years ago

MukuroRokudo | Videos (28) | Channels (5) | Favorites (79) |
Friends (51)

Sure I can be your fren. By the way the cosplay is done in Japan, where I live, except for 2 cosplay which done at somewhere else. Gokudera is male cosplayer. Beside I be waitin to see your cosplay done by you and your frens. Try the simple cosplay not the one tat require lots of costume, and all those because i know its kinda hard to get cosplay clothes at your country, but Japan here got lots of cosplayin shops and all those. Beside some items used in cosplay are made by us. Good Luck in your cosplay!

Posted 13 years ago

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October 13


Toronto, Ontario

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14 years ago

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11 years ago

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About Me:

I am currently a high school student who apparentlys lives in a ghetto neighborhood which is why i dress like a gangster but have no interest in being one because i love doing other things besides breaking the law and hurting others for my own personal joy atleast what i like to think.


I love watching anime all day long and listen to music of interest also love killing time by playing alot of various online games waiting for new anime episodes and series to come out and last but not least i love to just be lazy and sleep in my nice bed


Alot of anime and cartoons most of the time but i also like watching Fresh Prince of bel air, Breaking Bad, and thats probly all i can list for now till i find some more interesting things to watch.


Alot of movies to lazy to even try to remember them all let alone type them all.


Any type of music suits me just fine as long as its not bothersome at some point in time.

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