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"In accepting who you are, never forget who you were"

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jinkamasaki’s Details

May 29


Vineland, New Jersey

Member Since:
17 years ago

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16 years ago

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Eli is a fun loving person who's energy is so strong can make a room lighten up. A man of character, loyalty and charm. Although you can say he specializes in sales and education, Eli has a phobia of confrontation and is constantly looking for information. Once he accuires this information he searches for proof. TYPE OF FRIEND I am the kind of friend that will literally give you everything I have just to see you smile and help you out in anything I can. Promises are something very important to me. I keep my word and expect the world to do the same. Should I feel doubt or if you decieve me ONCE then the trust is gone. To build it up you will have to start from GROUnd ZERO. ALL IN ALL A good person and an aura that can control those around him. Do I sound interesting? Wonna be my friend? Hit me up... AIM SCREEN NAME: JinKamasaki


My interests in life mainly falls into the search for more. The search for proof and questioning facts to open the door for possibility.


I dont watch much television. When I do I like to keep myself informed with the news and I do watch a lot of ATTACK OF THE SHOW!!!


I only enjoy horror movies. Comedies and adventures follow far behind my love for horror movies.


I listen to all kinds. But my favourites are asian musics.

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