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jim atkin

"Love To Live - Live To Love"

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May 7


Bournemouth, Dorset

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18 years ago

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15 years ago

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Easy going, totally stress free, nothing really fazes me, i live a very comfortable, relaxed life, i am fearless, as in fear free, if your not sure what i mean ask me some time, i'm kind, caring, and sharing, i love to help and do things for other people, loving, i love everyone and everything, it's the one thing everyone should share, but sadley we don't do it enough, I'd like to think i was always sympathetic to the needs of others, i am able to empathize with a lot of peoples problems throught the work i do and things i have lived through, i'm always positive and hopefull, for a better future for the world. I'm very passionate, i get excited about nearly everthing i do, that's part of the no fear thing, i'm friendly, i love meeting new people and making new friends, and i would like to think, that i am able to be humble too. Hopefully i'm funny, not in the telling jokes kinda way, but just crazy at times. I'm a very good listener, i think it's most important to listen to others, it shows you care and people are great if you take the time to get to know them, I'm also a great talker, when i get the chance, i have a reputation for being able to talk for England. I'm Pro-active, not re-active, a leader at times, but never over confident, in fact it is my main weekness, i would dearly love to be more confident, i know i could acheive so much more than i do, it will take time but God willing i will get there.


Interests include, friends, family, music, movies, inventing, swimming, cycling, animals, song writing, writing poetry. writing film scripts, interior design, gardening, Xbox Live gaming, running a mans group called BODZ,eating out & having lots of fun.


Any Manga/anime, Bones, Battlestar Gallactica, SG1 & Atlantis, i also like Formula One and have just started watching Football, with it being the World Cup, which is ok.


Star Wars (all), Jurrassic Park(123), Blade(123), Minority Report, The Matrix (123), Alien (1234), Men in Black(12), AI,Paycheck, Lost in Space, The Island, All Disney/PIXAR 3D Movies.Aladdin, Ice Age, Madagascar, Monsters Inc, Robots, Lilo & Stitch./Volu


All sorts of music, I was a Night Club & Mobile DJ for over 10 years, so i like anything from Country, Rap, Folk, Pop, Rock, Classical, one of my favourites is latin American. at the moment i'm listening to a Christian singer called Kate Simmonds & Journe

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