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"If you dont like Onigari, shoot yourself in the foot RIGHT NOW! I'm not joking..."

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lilserenity | Videos (1) | Channels (9) | Favorites (1) |
Friends (512)

hey!! lol! sorry it's been a long time! haven't had access to internet in a long time! and you're right but i like my user pic the way it is ^^ how are things going?

Posted 14 years ago

YuukixZeroxKaname | Videos (30) | Channels (4) | Favorites (43) |
Friends (136)

lol Thanx, well I'm just finishing up hw, then, listen to music n such ^_^

Posted 15 years ago

YuukixZeroxKaname | Videos (30) | Channels (4) | Favorites (43) |
Friends (136)

Hey it's been a long time, What's up? ^-^ Nice Profile btw

Posted 15 years ago

masterofallanime | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (607) |
Friends (630)

Yeah i know. I was, or still am a little disappointed with the voice of Nel. I figured she would have a sexy voice, with her sexy body. So imagine my surprise when she still talked like a little kid. >< By the way, i saw your frined invite and accepted it. I just don't know if it worked or not, i don't go to crunchyroll all that much. I created my account on that site about a year ago, so its a little different.

Posted 15 years ago

masterofallanime | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (607) |
Friends (630)

Oh!! So you have a crunchyroll account as well huh? Mine is masterofallanime, so its pretty easy to remember, whats yours. I don't normally read that much MANGA, even though i love to read. I'm more of an ANIME person. Don't get me wrong i do love MANGA, i just like ANIME little more. lol!!! Nothing much i was going to go to the gym today, but then i felt to lazy and convinced myself to go tomorrow. lol!! I also finished my new bg last night, and i'm very happy how it turne dout. :)

Posted 15 years ago

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kiki キーキ・

September 28, 1994



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16 years ago

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GO TO TO SEE MY VIDS i was sakura976792 and then hitzu96792 now i am hitzoo. i am a total anime FREAK O__o. i love Bleach! i watch it every Wednesday when the subs comes out.


I LOVE MATH i am a dork i kno but like i LOVE math idk y but i just do i always get made fun of cuse of it but i got so use to it.BLEACH!!!!!!,vampire knight,fruits basket,FMA,OHSHC,azumanga and more i love trading card games and VIDEO GAMES!! TOTAL GAME


i love UFC,any kine boxing but rough u kno,ANIME ANIME ANIME u name it i have more than likely heard of or watched it,supernatural,and house,and bones. my mom hate that i like the UFC though but i love it my fave is chuck the ice man!! he is so cool!!!


SCARY MOVIES YA GATTA LOVE UM!!!! i aloso like comedy i need a good laugh to get me through the day! like if u ever get the chance to see live free or die hard THAT IS AN AWSOME MOVIE!


hard core rocker chick but total dork so no one belives me.

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