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"Cat-n-Mouse Lesbian, Bi, Gay and Transgendered "

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January 18



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16 years ago

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13 years ago

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I seem to have two major allergies, “Commercials (Advertisements)” and “Trailers” both just make me breakout in hives. Things like Veoh are great, they make available films that I didn’t even know existed and would have never known existed. Of course there’s a downside. I got started about two months ago and I started downloading some of the films that were already posted on the Veoh site. A number of the films were in pieces, so I downloaded them and patched them together and then re-uploaded them. My Veoh account got cancelled about three days ago telling me than I had violated copy write laws and that I was a repeat offender. I wrote them an email stating that most, if not all, of the films I had uploaded were already on the Veoh site and these same films that I got cited for copy write violations were and still are on the Veoh site. Well, I didn’t even get an answer, which I really didn’t expect; given that this is a growing enterprise with aspirations of becoming a global competitor (monopoly) in the very near future. I would expect that there will soon be many more drastic changes on the horizon after this brief period of test marketing and the building a consumer base, given the Hollywood, Multi-National Cooperate backgrounds of the people behind Veoh. I am form Trinidad and Egypt, current I live in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. and I am all too familiar with the political profit-gospel and its myriad verses. Fortunately I made back up copies of most of the things that I found interesting. Alas, most of the favorites, friends and home delivers that I had already set up have been lost to me. Any-who, I have started another Veoh account and since I seem to be completely dense I will not be uploading anything but instead I am exploring other ways of getting this content out to others, who may be needy and not so greedy.



Torchwood, Firefly



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