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""Must I add a quote 2 all my profiles? Ah well momentai" -^.^- Live life to its funniest :D""

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windrider25 | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (0) |
Friends (1)

hey there, i was wondering what was the link to that digimon site, i moved so i cant remember the site name.

Posted 14 years ago

chobits1321 | Videos (36) | Channels (1) | Friends (5)

yes i am; that was the account i had before veoh; it was the only way i could upload all of the tamers episodes. XD

Posted 15 years ago

chobits1321 | Videos (36) | Channels (1) | Friends (5)

there's someone on youtube with your account name. is that you? 8)

Posted 15 years ago

chobits1321 | Videos (36) | Channels (1) | Friends (5)

thanks for accepting my invite. but even though i uploaded all the tamer episodes, I stil can't get any with subs like you can :)

Posted 15 years ago

windrider25 | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (0) |
Friends (1)

What is your favorite digimon and what season. my favorite digimon is Guilmon and his evolved forms and i like Digimon Tamers

Posted 15 years ago

angelicsovereign’s Details
Sarah, Sarryness, Sahara, Saz etc.

April 5


Lincoln, I do not live in America

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16 years ago

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14 years ago

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About angelicsovereign
My Website: not my site but it's great

About Me:

The cool, calm, cheerful me thats easy-going and fun to be around. All in all I'm very random and use my intelligence to give sarcastic comments. Although "smart" I have a tendency to be naive and though mature for my age I'm still silly and playful I am mostly helpful to my friends and am their personal agony aunt.-^.^- I will be uploading as many Digimon Tamers eps as I can both Subbed and Raw the dubbed versions get deleted. My YouTube account is:


Hmmm lots of things as long as i don't have to wait too long to do them. I love talking and hanging out wit friends


Simpsons, Friends, comedies really. Also i watch a lot of anime. Digimon Tamers was the first anime i watched in full so it's one of my favorites. I don't watch too much TV I'm more of a computer girl :P


I'll laugh at anything, I mean anything, seriously i'll burst out laughing during horrors cause of all the fake stuff. Anime movies and comedies are best though.


Again anything. RnB, dance, and Japanese music are my favorites though

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