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"Welcome to either your worst nightmare or your best dream, depends on how you see me."

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k0k091 | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (73) |
Friends (20)

hi do you know wat the code for the emule thingy

Posted 14 years ago

cradle | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (22) |
Friends (131)

hey how are you, would you like to be friends

Posted 14 years ago

bbux3 | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (0) |
Friends (1)

out of all my queer as folk videos on veoh, of which i have every single episode up until s5 e04, yours are the only ones that have been deleted. like wtf, why yours? and yours were the best episodes too..well some of =\

Posted 14 years ago

brenai | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (3) |
Friends (5)

thanks.........i like yours to....

Posted 14 years ago

rae39 | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (0) |
Friends (1)

that's horrible. i'm like, halfway through season 2 and i'm definitely hooked now! my parents would die if i went out and rented it or something, so this was basically the only way i could watch it. -_- is there any other way to get them...?

Posted 15 years ago

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April 4


knoxville, tennessee

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8 years ago

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I love a lot i hate even more. OK...Yeah, im a bit freaky, so what? No one is sane. Im only 14 but shut up because I may only be 14 but i dont seem it, and the things i like, mostly you should be older than 14 to watch. I love Yaoi, Yuri is cool, all anime as long as it has a good storyline is good. I like loveless (though it was a bit boring) gravitation, InuYasha, naruto, and also a random yaoi with a lot of sex...Boku no sexual harassment :P I love horror movies with loads of gore :D they freak me out a bit but i can deal. I like some musicals, some romance, some comedy, but i like horror, thrillers, mysteries, and gay cenima mostly. Gay cenima kicks ass. youtube made me mad cause i had about 10 gay films on my favorites and they deleted the videos. I like Saw I, II, and III. I like animation movies too. I love the nightmare before christmas. gay cenima, i like Formula 17, edge of seventeen, beautiful thing, another gay movie, eating out, eating out 2: sloppy seconds, latter days, get real, mambo italiano, and cowboys and angels, which isant as gay i guess you'd say. i like other gay cenima too though. there are lots of gay movies i wanna see :( i wanna see imaginary heroes, and honestly i havent yet seen brokeback mountain but i know its sad. I like shows that have gay couples. like hollyoaks has john paul and craig (craig is in denial!!!) i like degrassi with dylan and marco (so sad they killed off Mr. James Tiberius Yorke!!) also Queer as folk kicks ass, both the british and the american remake...they are kickass...I may only be 14 but that doesnt mean i want to be treated like it. ask tee, she treats me as if im the same age as her, shes almost 19 so thats good. Im much more freaky than most :P I LOVE MUSIC....H.I.M!!!!!!!!!!, smashing pumkins, a7x, evanesance, papa roach, third eye blind, taking back sunday, dashboard confessional, three days grace, a-ha, soft cell, reo speedwaggon, three days grace, bullet for my valentine, nickelback, panic! at the disco, hellogoodbye, weird al yankovic, blink-182, ICP, seether, rob zombie, tears for fears, electric light orchestra, the used, my chemical romance, placebo, AFI, deftones, 3 doors down, yellowcard, afro man, alien ant farm, chicago, ac/dc, kiss, pink floyd, bloodhound gang, blue october, rage agianst the machine, david bowie, def leppard, buckcherry, everlast, bon jovi, creed, bowling for soup, bright eyes, the rolling stones, breaking benjamin, disturbed, a perfect circle, bush, eminem, everclear, good charlotte, pantera, hinder, greenday, gorillaz, the blood brothers, joan jett, marcy playground, limp bizkit, audioslave, heather small, the misfits, duran duran, u2, group x, lamb of god, jet, johnny cash, semisonic, kinky boyz, rasmus, korn, linkin park, marilyn manson, p.o.d, nine inch nails, garbage, prince, the drifters, crossfade, prodigy, snow patrol, o-zone, red hot chili peppers, coldplay, the all american rejects, smile empty soul, cartel, chevelle, plain white T's, the cult, primus, matchbox 20, stone sour, matchbook romance, story of the year, kid rock, meatloaf, puddle of mudd, staind, rammstien, the starting line, pink, queen, righteous brothers, soundgarden, savage garden, slipknot, simple plan, switchfoot, the fray, trapt, the killers, fall out boy, the offspring, tool, weezer, twizted, type o negative, narcys, the oskar, oasis, anti-flag, the beatles, aerosmith, bob marley, deathcab for cutie, atreyu, black sabbath, guns 'n roses, trivium, jack off jill, iron maiden, incubus, from first to last, the doors, james blunt, flyleaf, godsmack, metallica, mc hammer, mudvayne, nirvana, shinedown, rancid, system of a down, billy idol, hawthorne heights, static X, 311, sublime, cradle of filth, the whitestripes, the who, underoath, arctic monkeys, red jumpsuit apparatus, dixie chicks, jesse mccartney, drake bell, bronski beat, annie lennox, ect ect ect...I seriously hate Homophobes, preps, rude people, myself, rap, people who call people or other things "gay" because they want to use it as an insult really make me mad and offend me by doing so. plus shallow, hallow people. I really like the colors black, green, red, blue, silver, white, pink, purple. spikes, whips, chains, hancuffs, buckles, zippers, fangs, blood, swords, guns, cars, dark makeup, body piercings, tatoos. bisexual boys and gay boys. rainbows. long baggy pants with lots of pockets, zippers and buckles. RPG's, magic the gathering, D&D, ps2, computer, tv, and phone. cats, friends, and alcohol. Gay movies, Queer as folk, MTV, VH1, G4, comedy central, showtime (though i dont get that channel) adult swim, food network (no rude comments about that plz) the man show, happy tree friends, final fantasy, porn, marijuana, animes such as inuyasha, trigun, and cowboy bebop. chineese food, chocolate, cheese, and sugar. sarcasm. OF CORES I LOVE HORROR MOVIES WITH LOTS OF GORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and more!! (which i know ive named some of those already) I guess that pretty much tells a lot eh?





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