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If the Clayton Harper who is involved in 'Hotdogs!' is the Director of "Hollywood Safari", please have him contact the DGA, who has received Foreign Levies payable to him. Please note: there are two lists on that page. The default list is for those Directors whose Foreign Levies have accrued to under $25. Under the subtitle, "View" you must click "$50 or More in Accrued Levies" before your name is visible.

Posted 10 years ago

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VBS is an online broadcast network. We stream original content, free of charge and 24 hours a day. We carry a mix of domestic and international news, pop and underground culture coverage, and the best music in the world. People have used words like eclectic, smart, funny, shocking, and revolutionary to describe VBS, but we kind of just snapped our fingers in their faces and went, “Whatever. Tell us something we don’t know.” With Academy Award-nominated director Spike Jonze (Adaptation, Being John Malkovich) as our creative director, original content from a veritable United Nations of contributors, and bureaus in 20 countries, VBS has hit the planet in a manner not unlike a massive global plague. Streaming on VBS’s signature “in-room” widescreen and remote, content will be available all the time, on-demand. Basically, VBS will exploit every utopian vision the internet has thus far failed to live up to. Thanks for watching.


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Heavy Metal in Baghdad, Toxic Williamsburg, Toxic Alberta


The Black Lips, The Raveonettes, Justice, Chromeo

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