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"The things I say now may not be great, but later they will be. ∞ "

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hingerdingerdonger | Videos (0) | Channels (1) | Favorites (34) |
Friends (128)

HI!! i have returned from the grave!! i havent been on in awhile. i've been goin through alot since high school. :( but since i have 2 weeks off this winter break, i will b on now. :) i am renewed!!!! :pi know that i havent tlked to u/any1 on veoh in like months!!! XD How have ya been doin? ^^ Also Merry Christmas!!!! =]

Posted 16 years ago

Tishiro | Videos (1) | Channels (16) | Favorites (10) |
Friends (297)

Hiya! How are you? wat cha doing today? ^_^

Posted 16 years ago

Tishiro | Videos (1) | Channels (16) | Favorites (10) |
Friends (297)

YOU'RE IT!! YOU HAVE BEEN CONSIDERED ONE OF MY SWEETEST FRIENDS ON MY LIST ONCE YOU HAVE BEEN TAGGED YOU HAVE TO TAG 10 OF YOUR SWEETEST FRIENDS AND LET THEM KNOW THEY ARE SWEET X.X.X Send this heart 2 at least 15 ppl including me if u care 4 me! and if u get at least 10 back you will get good newz within 15 Min! Let's see how many hearts you get! All the best plz do! ____♥♥♥_____♥♥♥___ __♥_____♥_♥_____♥__ __♥______♥______♥__ ___♥_____ii_____♥___ _____♥________♥____ _______♥____♥______ __________♥________ ____♥♥♥_____♥♥♥___ __♥_____♥_♥_____♥__ __♥______♥______♥__ ___♥____Luff____♥__ _____♥________♥____ _______♥____♥______ __________♥________ ____♥♥♥_____♥♥♥___ __♥_____♥_♥_____♥__ __♥______♥______♥__ ___♥____Yhoo ___♥__ _____♥________♥____ _______♥____♥______ __________♥________ FAKE FRIENDS: Will ignore this REAL FRIENDS: Will send it back luv u!!

Posted 16 years ago

tiny04rose | Videos (0) | Channels (1) | Favorites (0) |
Friends (302)

just dropin' by to say Hiiiiii... ^_^

Posted 16 years ago

Tishiro | Videos (1) | Channels (16) | Favorites (10) |
Friends (297)

I believe in your quete! that's the way it is man!

Posted 16 years ago

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Anime that I like(is this better): Ouran High School Host Club, Girls Bravo season 1 & 2, Shin Chan, Fullmetal Alchimist, TOKKO, Noein, Outlaw Star, Bleach, DearS, FLCL, .hack//, and a lot of others. >>Will sometimes bring up random information.<<


Anime, video games, and such. >>And acting very vague when it comes to things.<<


Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange.


Fish, Cats, Dogs, Monkeys, Lions, Tigers, and Bears.


Chair, Table, Cabinet, Frame, Nightstand.

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