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"Sasori-danna is such a pretty boy!!"

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KaitouSamurai2 | Videos (6) | Channels (0) | Favorites (54) |
Friends (0)

Domo arigato gozaimasu for uploading RGU! I've already seen it some yrs ago, but hadn't had the chance to thank you...and I'm doin' it right now, so thank you very much!

Posted 14 years ago

MagicWhirlpool | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Friends (0)

Hello and thanks for the upload of Revolutionary girl Utena. I like what I see although I'm not very far into the series yet.

Posted 15 years ago

inara963 | Videos (12) | Channels (3) | Favorites (347) |
Friends (87)

hey there, a huge thankyou for uploading Revolutionary girl utena, i was wondering if u would be uploading the rest of the eps? totally get where u r cuminng from about lovin anime!!

Posted 15 years ago

bj3peterson | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (188) |
Friends (609)

are u going to upload all of psychic academy

Posted 16 years ago

SROfreak | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (14) |
Friends (69)

thx for uploading utena wanna be friends =P ?

Posted 16 years ago

ShadowOniShinobi’s Details

June 12


Buckeye, Arizona

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16 years ago

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15 years ago

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About Me:

I'm a lazy, loud, crazy gemini that can be rather fun to hang out with. I live off anime and Japanese culture. Most of my free time is spent in front of this here computer. I like orange juice and crayons as well as the color red. Monkeys are my friends and elephants scare me. I dress up as anime characters and go to anime conventions. I'm a complete dork but I love every minute of it. I'm deeply in love with several anime characters which sometimes makes me wonder if i'm okay in the head or not. Pigs are a figment of my imagination and so are hobos who smell like hot dogs. XD Luff!


Reading, Writing, Drawing, Anime, sewing, painting, embroidery, computers, girls, computer graphics, anime, death, video games, game design, cosplay, anime conventions, blood, vampires, ghosts, aliens, crazy shit, funny stuff, role playing, parties, raves


Anime! CSI, Crossing Jordan, House, Bones, Medium, Scrubs, Grey's Anatomy, Numb3rs, NCIS, Army Wives, Burn Notice, and lots more.


Harry Potter(All), Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Omega Man, Shrek, Star Wars, Underworld, Interview With the Vampire, Secret Window, IT, X-Men, Mulan, The Addams Family, American Beauty, Battlefield Earth, The Crow (both), And a lot more.


Oh my I love all kinds of music really. Not too fond of rap or country.. I'll take some Metallica anyday. I also love J-Rock.. ^^

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