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"The world has been kickin' me down, it's time to kick the world right back!"

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Seldots | Videos (15) | Channels (0) | Friends (19)

damn, you are 3 years younger and you look 10 older than me

Posted 15 years ago

mayakrunal | Videos (0) | Channels (2) | Favorites (21) |
Friends (545)

hey man thanks for joining my group add amv's n videos of inu n shessumaru as u like

Posted 15 years ago

sakurablooms13 | Videos (0) | Channels (3)

Happy Belated New Years! sorry.

Posted 16 years ago

TamaraLee13 | Videos (0) | Channels (1) | Favorites (41) |
Friends (128)

hi wats up

Posted 16 years ago

sakurablooms13 | Videos (0) | Channels (3)

If a reindeer runs u over. it was not completely my fault. it just happens 2 be that i told him 2 make ur gift the biggest hit. i think he misunderstood me. send this to all ur friends including me!!!! MERRY X-MAS!!!! XD

Posted 16 years ago

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January 20, 1988


Dayton, Oh

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16 years ago

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14 years ago

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About Me:

My name is Phoenix (seriously), I'm 6'1" (about 160lbs.), and I'm an Otaku! There's nothin' much about me except that I'm real funny, I'm the center of jokes and such, I just started workin' at Meijer-"High Prices, Low Stan


My interests?! Hmmm, well I do like to watch anime such as Bleach, Basilisk, Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist, Full Metal Panic!, Trigun, Outlaw Star, etc. I also like to draw anime and cartoons, I'm pretty good, but not so much as to draw all the time.


I don't really watch T.V. anymore, but instead watch anime shows that I download onto my computer. If you read my interests, then you would know what anime I watch. I sometimes watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Harvey Birdman: Attorny At Law, Futurama, etc.


Any movie that makes me laugh, makes me feel for the story, has kick-ass action scenes in it, or is an anime movie. The most recent movie that I've watch was "Beerfest" and that movie was pretty good and funny as well.


I mostly listen to rock like Anberlin, Linkin Park, Adema, Crossfade, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Pillar, Disturbed, etc. Also, I have been listenin' to Japanese bands such BACK-ON, High And Mighty Colors, T.M.Revolution, etc.

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