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"Tere pyar mein ho jaaun fanaa...."

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bboystar | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (21) |
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mad cute thas wa sup

Posted 13 years ago

Korean-Music | Videos (0) | Channels (8) | Favorites (3) |
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ThnXXX 4D uploads, great page!

Posted 14 years ago

ralyasuri | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (0) |
Friends (3)

hi... do you know where can i watch drama "snowman" ? i'm looking every website but i couldn't find it...thx before!

Posted 14 years ago

disxflyxpimp | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (0) |
Friends (0)

hey... i was wonderin if u can tell me who the gurl is that shows up at 1:22 on the song chocolate by banana girl... if u can help me that would be great =]

Posted 15 years ago

bandukillas | Videos (22) | Channels (2) | Favorites (154) |
Friends (40)

I can say the same for you :) And I'm watching let's see.. what have I been watching? umm... Naruto? lol idk hard to say

Posted 16 years ago

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November 16


Tampa (Providence), FL (RI)

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Ah Well I'm basically a newcomer to Korean (Asian) TV dramas and music (etc), I wanna say I watched my first drama (of the Japanese variety) back in 2005 (not to sure though) on Youtube (I still remember the user who uploaded the drama-now who long since has been suspended I suppose from Youtube). It was Kimi wa Petto, and the idea of a TV show being made after my beloved manga was fascinating and blew my mind (haha~)! I distinctively remember the long time it took for videos to load, and the bad quality, Hana Yori Dango was such LQ the subs were hard to make out~ My first Korean drama was Full House. I, at the time, did not know Rain was a singer. Also I enjoyed Japanese dramas more at that time. But soon after watching a couple of really enjoyable Kdramas I slipped into Kdrama obsession!!! And now I am probably the only person in Rhode Island that watches Kdramas (practically, the only one~we mostly have anime freaks here, etc)!!! Me at crunchyroll: (


~Take a wild guess! ...Okay I'll tell you -sleeping -eating -being out in hot sunny weather (walking, biking, and sometimes swimming) -listening to music_mostly kpop (but all Asian pop rocks my world) -watching kdramas (jdramas/twdramas)


-Kdramas etc (Of course!) -TCM all the way (like watching old Hollywood movies)! -Iron Chef ("A La Cuisine!") -...I dunno, like watching anime (LoveCom/Furuba/GITS:SAC/Case Closed), funny stuff (MadTV), mystery/crime shows (Poirot)


-Asian movies...(Il Mare/Battle Royale/Duelist/Ping Pong/See You After School...etc) -HOLLYWOOD DIE!!! (Hate American movies-the vast majority-can't name the last one I liked, so that says something)


••••••••••ALL PREVIEWS TAKEN FROM MBC GLOBAL•••••••••••• I only have subbed previews, and I will not be uploading the rest of the series, check out d-addicts for subs that are available

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