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"past is past, future is future... so live for the now =3!"

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jns2 | Videos (4) | Channels (1) | Favorites (26)

Hi there! It's been a while (a HUGE while actually) So, ho have u been?

Posted 15 years ago

Deviante | Videos (1) | Channels (2) | Favorites (4) |
Friends (19)

hey doug, hope you're okay! i cant get onto youtube - its not accessible for some reason, which i will find out, as im determined and its bugging me like hell! anyway hope youre alright and not too busy:) chat to you later xxx

Posted 16 years ago

jns2 | Videos (4) | Channels (1) | Favorites (26)

That part of living on ur own doesn't sound that fun -.- I didn't understood Ef at first too! Go watch Clannad go go xD That I'm going to watch my dear Shana :D See u later ^^

Posted 16 years ago

jns2 | Videos (4) | Channels (1) | Favorites (26)

I've seen Ef. I absolutely loved it! One of the best animes i ever saw. Clannad is also from the same studio that made Haruhi and Lucky Star, and Kanon and Air.. All great animes! I've been good though lately I've been sick cos I caught a cold and I can't stop sneezing :(

Posted 16 years ago

jns2 | Videos (4) | Channels (1) | Favorites (26)

But u came back xD No.. I don't watch Kimikiss cos I was already watching too many animes of the Fall season :D Maybe when it's over so I can watch it all at once (I can't anymore of waiting one week per episode!).. Oh and thanks ^^ Like ur bg too. It's Lucky Star, right?

Posted 16 years ago

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April 14



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HMMMMMM well im an 18 year old student! ive only just started uni *october '07 just started* freshers week was intense but i urge any1 to go uni! ull have a blast for sure. Soooooo yer more about me... I can be pretty lazy... but its gotten better since ive been at uni! ummmmm i do watch alot of different anime and read manga (when i can afford to buy it that is) and im ALWAYS listenin to my music unless im watchin anime as i dont speak japanese yet! but im takin a course in it in uni so heheeeee i can watch Raws by the end i hope. anyway dunno what else to write :S:S if u know anymore let me know xD xx


>>>ANIME<<< >>>MANGA<<<, Swimming! , Chattin =3, hmmmmm girls ^_~!


i only really watch anime if that counts =D


got a load of dvd's all different types :)


lot and lots and lots and lots... im always listening to music! all diff types of english and japanese music ^_^

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