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"Flowers of true friendship never fade"

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September 24



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17 years ago

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12 years ago

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Are you named after anyone? Not that I know of. What's your screen name (nickname for the computer)? MitsukoCat, SaphireRose, and KittyKayThunder Would you name a child of yours after you? I don’t know I might and Might not. If you were born a member of the opposite sex what would your name be? Kyo If you could switch names with a friend who would it be? Amanda, or Sarah, Chelsea. But not really I love my name because it’s a unique name. Would you drop your last name if you became famous? Hell No BASICS Your gender: Female Straight/Gay/Bi: Straight Single? Yes If not, do you want to be? No, I would like to have a good relationship. Birth date: 09/24/1988 Your age: 18 1/2 Age you act: I’m this many years old *show three fingers* Age you wish you were: I wish I were younger about ten. Your height: “5”5” Eye color: Dark Brown almost black. Happy with it? Yes. I know lots of guys like either Blue or Green but my eyes show many things that nobody knows of. Hair color: Black Happy with it? Yes, I love my Black hair. Lefty/righty/ambidextrous: Righty Your family: Dad thinks he’s an Alien and acts like Goofy, Mom is a Bookworm she reads Romance novel too much and is serious and overprotective, Older Sister Serena she IS total Drama Queen never get her mad and watch out she’s obsessed with Sailor Moon, My Little Sister Trix She’s annoying like my older Sister. She loves to piss you off for the fun of it. My Two Stepsisters’ don’t want to know! And My Best Friend Shadow is more like a Sister and She’s a Bitch never get her piss or she will literally Kick you’re a**! And if you make me mad she gets mad. Have any pets? Yes an annoying Dog named ODIE! *Mumbles* *Wished I had a Cat* What’s your job? Have none! Pretty pathetic I know. Piercing’s? Ears, want to get tongue pierced or bellybutton. Tattoos? Would love a couple. Obsessions? Anime, Video Games, DDR, Art, Drawing, Music, Writing Stories, and basically Japanese Music and Horoscopes. Addictions? Video Games, Internet, Music, Mangas, Art, Choir, Movies, Horror, the color Blue. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream*Don’t Ask* ANIME, MANGA. Do you speak another language? A little Japanese. Have a favorite quote? Flowers of True Friendship Never End. Do you have a webpage? DEEP THOUGHTS ABOUT LIFE AND YOU IN IT Do you live in the moment? Do you consider yourself tolerant of others? I don’t know really, I think I do. Do you have any secrets? I Love Noodlz. I LOVE MY SISTERS. OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE I SAID THAT! Do you hate yourself? H*ll No, I’m not obsessed at looking at the mirror or anything. Why would I hate myself? Do you like your handwriting? Yes Nice then most *Cough*Trix* Cough* Do you have any bad habits? What is the compliment you get from most people? I Hate to do my Homework, and I also like to wear a bell around my neck, Hey my nickname is Kitty after all. If a movie was made about your life, what would it be called? Tabatha’s Sad Life turned upside down! What's your biggest fear? Rejection, and losing my best friends, also being kidnapped. Can you sing? Yes, People say I’m a good Singer. Do you ever pretend to be someone else just to look cool? No not really. I’m my own person I act like myself. Are you a loner? Sometimes. What are your 1 priorities in life? To live my life how I want it to be. If you were another person, would you be friends with you? Yes of course. Are you a daredevil? Sometimes. Is there anything you fear or hate about yourself? I fear the dark, not dark itself just what’s in it. Are you passive or aggressive? Passive Do you have a journal? Nope. What is your greatest strength and weakness? Strength and Weakness: is that I’m too nice for my own good. Strength: I’m not stupid like most chicks are. I have more brains on what’s going on. Weakness: I’m too serious. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? My legs, and temper. Do you think you are emotionally strong? Yes. Is there anything you regret doing/not doing in life? Dating a jerk. Do you think life has been good so far? Sure. What is the most important lesson you've learned from life: Not to give up in life, keep going until the end. And never listen to anyone but yourself. What do you like the most about your body? I know what everyone else likes, but me, is my eyes, and the rest upper half to my hips not my lower half to my feet. And least? My legs and thighs. Do you think you are good looking? I'm good enough. Are you confident? Sometimes... depends on my mood. What is the fictional character you are most like? Mina and Ami off of Sailor moon. And if Naruto or Sasuke were a girl I would act like them mixed. Are you perceived wrongly? Ummm... probably just with strangers and people that don't know me too well. Do You... Smoke? No Do drugs? No Read the newspaper? If something catches my eye. Pray? Yes. Go to church? Used to, no ride you know. Talk to strangers who IM you? Not unless I like them for a friend I guess, but I don’t talk that much to people besides my friends. Sleep with stuffed animals? No. Take walks in the rain? Yes, If I want to. Talk to people even though you hate them? Only if they aren’t bothering me that much if they are I’ll insult them. Drive? Um, I would get arrested due to I don’t have no tempts or drivers license. Like to drive fast? It would probably, depends on the person. Would or Have You Ever? Liked your voice? Yes Hurt yourself? Not physically or emotionally. Been out of the country? Nope, wished I got to. Eaten something that made other people sick? Nope. Been in love? Nope only once but faded pretty fast. Done drugs? Nope Gone skinny dipping? No Had a medical emergency? No Had surgery? No Ran away from home? No Played strip poker? Once or twice. Gotten beaten up? No Beaten someone up? One time wasn’t that fatal wish I had more guts but was during one of my favorite teacher’s class. Didn’t want to cause no more trouble. The preppy brat had it coming. I think she’s a Lesbo. Been picked on? Yes at my old school. Been on stage? Yes, with Choir. Slept outdoors? Once or twice. Thought about suicide? Once, but not attempted. Pulled an all nighter? Sometimes. If yes, what is your record? All day. Gone one day without food? Once I wasn’t that hungry for no apparent reason. Talked on the phone all night? No. Slept together with the opposite sex w/o actually having sex? Twice. With my basturd ex-boyfriend Slept all day? No. Killed someone? No. Made out with a stranger? No. Had sex with a stranger? No. Thought you're going crazy? Yes. Kissed the same sex? Not really. Done anything sexual with the same sex? No. I’m not a lesbian. Been betrayed? Yes, too many to count. Had a dream that came true? Happens a lot. Broken the law? Nope. Met a famous person? Avalon Have you ever killed an animal by accident? Nope, I would never kill anything in my life. On purpose? No, I never would. Told a secret you swore you wouldn't tell? No. Stolen anything? Yes, but don’t anymore. Been on radio/TV? Yes, but it was a school thing for the students. Been in a mosh-pit? No. Had a nervous breakdown? I don't know. Bungee jumped? Wished! Had a dream that kept coming back? Yes about 10 – 20 of them. Beliefs Believe in life on other planets? Yes. Miracles? Yes. Astrology? Not really, just like them. Magic? Only God’s Magic. God? Yes Satan? No, But I believe there is one, but hate the basturd. Santa? Only in the spirit of Christmas way, so yes I do believe in Santa. Got a problem with that? Ghosts? Yes. Luck? Yes. Love at first sight? Yes. Yin and yang (that good can't exist w/o bad)? Yes. Because you know God (Good) Satan (Bad.) Witches? No. Wicca’s maybe. Easter bunny? Don’t know. Believe its possible to remain faithful forever? Maybe. Believe there’s a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow? I want to find out... Do you wish on stars? Yes. Deep Theological Questions Do you believe in the traditional view of Heaven and Hell? Yes Do you think God has a gender? Yeah, maybe both. Do you believe in organized religion? Yes, no, maybe so. Where do you think we go when we die? Either Heaven or one of the seven H*lls. Friends Do you have any gay/lesbian friends? Yeah couple gay friends and one les friend, kind of freaks me out. Who is your best friend? Shadow, and Noodlz. Who's the one person that knows most about you? Shadow. What's the best advice that anyone has ever given to you? Shadow. Your favorite inside joke? My fav. Is my stepbrother-in-law we nick named him mouse, because a mouse ran at him when my stepsister Sarah and him tried to kill the mouse, got it trapped near the microwave and the mouse came out where he was and he screamed. Hahahaha. Thing you're picked on most about? My looks, and clothes. At my old school. Who's your longest known friend? Shadow is my most friend I know more things about her than most people. Newest? Shessy and Inukitsy Shyest? Lacey Funniest? Inukitsy Sweetest? Sam Closest? Shadow, and Inukitsy, and Shessy Weirdest? Shessy Smartest? Shadow Ditziest? Inukitsy and Shessy Friends you miss being close to the most? Shadow she goes to CTC Now Last person you talked to online? Inukitsy Who do you talk to most online? Never talk that much online. Who are you on the phone with most? Hmmm... No one. Who do you trust most? Shadow, Inukitsy, and Shessy Who listens to your problems? Shadow Who do you fight most with? No one. Who's the nicest? Shadow only to me and most that know her, Shessy only to me and most that know her as a friend, Inukitsy. Who's the most outgoing? Don’t know? Who's the best singer? Me, and Shessy, don’t know about Inukitsy. Who's on your ****-list? Wha? Have you ever thought of having sex with a friend? That's a personal question that I won't answer. Who's your second family? Shadow Do you always feel understood? No, only sometimes. Who's the loudest friend? All I know of is Inukitsy and I. Do you trust others easily? Not really Who's house were you last at? Shadows or Shessy’s. Name one person who's arms you feel safe in: Shadow and Noodlz. Do your friends know you? Yes, mostly more than I know. Friend that lives farthest away: HMMMM… I think Shessy’s and Noodlz is. They live together, and are brother and sis. Right This Moment... Are you going out? Bud, I wouldn't be typing on this thing if I were. Will it be with your significant other? What significant other? Like I said I’m not going anywhere unless Shadow comes over. Or some random person? What did I just tell you?! What are you wearing right now? My black sleeveless shirt with my Kyo Sohma shirt over it and my Baggy, Joe Boxer, long, guy pants that is Dark Blue and has Red in the sides. Body part you're touching right now: Are you a pervert? What are you worried about right now? About Shadow, she’s driving with her boyfriend. What book are you reading? Daughters of the Moon books and Sons of the Dark, also manga’s. What's on your mouse pad? Um, Laser mouse. Use 5 words to describe how you're feeling: Bored, tired, annoyed of my sisters singing, listening, thinking. Are you bored? Yes. Are you tired? Yes. Are you talking to anyone online? No. Are you talking to anyone on the phone? No. Um on the Internet don’t have both hooked up. Are you lonely or content? Content Are you listening to music? We Are – Ana Johnsson. Are you watching a Music Video? We Are with Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy mixes. Favorites Breakfast food: Sausage and egg biscuit. Lunch food: Mostly either Ramen noodles at home or Pizza and French fries at school. Dinner: Papa’s Hamburgers, Salmon Patties, or Gamma’s Gravy. Snack: Honey Barbeque Frito’s. Fruit: Apples Vegetable: Carrots Meat: Chicken or Turkey Bread: White Restaurant: Wendy’s or Long John Silvers. Cookies: Peanut butter, or Sugar. Cake: Vanilla Cake Ice-cream: Mint chocolate chip, and Vanilla Candy: What cha’ ma’ call it. And Twix. Drink: Milk. Car: Don’t know. Animal: Kitty!!! >^.^< And Leopards. Vacation: Washington D.C Trip, for school, felt like a vacation. Store: Hot Topic, etc… Day of the Week: Friday. Month: September. Season: Fall. City: Tokyo, Japan. State: Dunno Country: USA, Japan TV show: Naruto, and Sailor Moon, oh and REBOOT. Movie: Felix the Cat, Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children, Resident Evil, and All Friday the Thirteenth, Nightmare on elm st. and Halloween. Radio Station: I don't listen to radio often... Kind of music: Rock, Electronic/Techno, and Pop, Hip-pop, mostly everything except Rap. I only listen to some but most I hate. Singer: Within Temptations. Utada Hikaru, and Cascada. Band: Within Temptations, and Linkin Park. Hobby: Writing, drawing, singing, DDR, video games, listening to music, making Music Videos, and making remixes. Holiday: Christmas, and Halloween for the candy. Color: All shades of Blue, Ocean Blue, Gold, White, Red. Weather: Warm.


Anime, Art, Manga, Reading, Music, Computers, Videos, and I love it all. GUYS


Anime, Cartoons


Anime, Horror, and Romance


Kelly Clarckson, Utada Hikaru, Ayumi Hamasaki,

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