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znfx | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (12) |
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Planetarium? hahaha... oh, wait a sec, that yould be cool. Thanks! That makes me a nerd too I guess xD I hate it hate it hate it, absolutely totally definitely hate it!!!!!! (the new veoh I mean) I have to redo all my css and I can´t pm people anymore. I can´t understand what they were thinking about when doing changes like that...

Posted 13 years ago

znfx | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (12) |
Friends (35)

Thank you. You are very kind ^^ Working as a caterer sounds cool :) A film school sounds fun too though. Maybe you could try one of those seminars popping out every now and then and keep it as a hobby till you see if you could turn it into your full time job (from an economical point of view I mean). I like your new background. The avatar is amasing. Claymore was an interesting anime too xD Lol ok then, I´ll follow your advice, relax and hope for inspiration come down from heaven xP What´s wrong with spending time on your self. I think it´s one of the best things one can do... but what would I know; I´m a narcisst xP

Posted 13 years ago

znfx | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (12) |
Friends (35)

It´s ok. I´m over my head with uni projects right now, so I don´t have much time for veoh either. Sorry to hear about your bf. Don´t worry about it. Now you are free to find someone even better^^ I would hate having to live with my parents again too. Looking on the bright side though: you ´ll have someone doing most of the house chores xD Not much new with me either. I´m trying to find something interesting to do with my potential bf, but I´m at a fase that I feel like I´m the most dull person on earth and I can come up with no good ideas...

Posted 13 years ago

znfx | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (12) |
Friends (35)

Oh! I forgot to say that I think Yuki is totally stupid too. Good thing she wears the school uniforms almoast all the time otherwise we would have to watch her trying to choose what to wear for an entire episode xP It wasn´t enough that it took her like ages to decide who she wanted, in the end she did´t really decide who she loved and she left with that.... grrrr... Kaname. Btw, have you read the manga? The ending is the same unfortunately but I liked it better than the anime.

Posted 13 years ago

znfx | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (12) |
Friends (35)

Hey^^ Lol I like your avatar too:D I get the feeling that vampire knight fans are getting more and more all the time. The avatar is from Vampire Knight just as everything else on the background right now. I think it´s fan made that´s why it looks kinda... not from V.K. xP It´s the girl in whose body Shizuka was living in. Now I´m watching Black Lagoon and I´ll start Spiral as soon as I´m thorough with it. It will take a while though cause I have studying for my uni. How about you? Anything interesting going on?

Posted 13 years ago

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~i believe there is a balance in everything~


luv taking pix- movies, anime, poetry, video games, manga, tennis


dexter, happy tree friends, i love new york, the simpsons, ATHF, conan o'brien, colbert report


intelligent with heart, sci-fi, or just cheese & gore- def anything with zombies or toshiro mifune


mainly electronic- trip-hop, dnb, turntablism, 70's rock, 80's pop, 90's indie, world, kpop, JROCK! --- cornucopial

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