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""I reject your reality and substitute my own" ~ a Genius."

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TheAnimeSource | Videos (32) | Channels (4) | Friends (71)

it's extremely easy to just rip multiple obliques so u have to be very delicate and allow them to recover appropriately before re-working them, you can also do these on the floor but u will have to be more patient with results considering you will feel your abs lifting your body alot of the time when you try sit up and if you do try it on the ground make sure u dont end up lifting with ur legs..good luck

Posted 15 years ago

TheAnimeSource | Videos (32) | Channels (4) | Friends (71)

....well once u get ur hands on one of them ur gonna rotate ur legs to the side so that you are putting all the work on your obliques your abs will naturally try to step in and take off the strain on them but the farther you twist your legs the harder it is for your abs to interfere (if your abs can't step into help out your obliques then your obliques are forced to lift your entire upper body all by themselves)

Posted 15 years ago

TheAnimeSource | Videos (32) | Channels (4) | Friends (71)

your going to want to get one of those suspended seats where you can lock your legs in.. do you know what i'm talking bout? (they have them at almost every gym)

Posted 15 years ago

TheAnimeSource | Videos (32) | Channels (4) | Friends (71)

yes it's me in my backyard i got extremely sun burnt that day, and im glad u enjoyed the uploads

Posted 15 years ago

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some AF base in michigan, MICHAGAN

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its all writen a simple creature. I only want three things in life 1) a sexy woman (dont we all), 2) toys (motorcycle, guns, ect) 3) Good Food (cuz im a big BIG MAN!!!)


Anime, Motorcycles, Fight Sports, Girls, some Music


Anime...FLCL, Gurren Lagann, Evangelion


300, Ironman, SpiderMan 1&2, and a few Myazaki movies


Rap- Wayne, TI, Eminem but Love old Luda, Biggie, Naughty buy nature and Tupac Alternative Rock- Linkin Park, Nickelback, 3 doors Down, 3 Days Grace Rock- Disturded...

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