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"Peace, that glorious time in histoty when everyone stands around reloading."

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ShishioKagezuchi | Videos (31) | Channels (7) | Favorites (187) |
Friends (4330)

THIS IS YOUR INVITATION: (Just triple click the link above and copy/paste to your address bar, or link to the channel on my profile) Last Autumn, I held a poll on Veoh for the 100 most popular anime characters, so after the over 4,000 votes were tallied I made a video series that countdowns and showcases the 100 winners in many of the best scenes in anime history along with AMVs and trivia. This link is you and anyone of your friends' invite to the first video in the series; the second video is up very soon with more and Don Kanonji gets killed by Yagami Light! I'll try to upload the next videos in the series every Monday. You can also subscribe to me to get them as soon as they upload. Enjoy, its for you anime fans~

Posted 13 years ago

ShishioKagezuchi | Videos (31) | Channels (7) | Favorites (187) |
Friends (4330)

Thank you so much for commenting on one of my previous 'Response to Haters Vids', here's a link to the new one with new anime skits, songs, and I expose screenshots of haters' comments that they said they didn't even make in the first place. Of course, they have yet to come forth and say anything NOW lol please enjoy comments on what you enjoyed in the vid would be very greatly appreciated

Posted 13 years ago

Heartkey | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (32) |
Friends (390)

Hey Awesome pic! Wanna be friends? sent u a request

Posted 13 years ago

maymayzee | Videos (0) | Channels (1) | Friends (751)

i've been good :D how about u?

Posted 13 years ago

3sakura | Videos (0) | Channels (1) | Favorites (10) |
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Posted 13 years ago

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November 8


Newtonville, Ontario

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13 years ago

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Well... I'm definatly 1000 miles past mentaly unstable, I'm really into stuff having to do with darkness or mythology, I'm into all types of anime, and I'm into online games like battlefield 2


Mecha,romance,action,thriller, and mythology anime


( In order from most favourite to least) Eureka seven, Bleach, Neon Genisis Evangelion, Rah- Xephon, Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, MAR, Gundam Seed, Gundam seed Destiny, and Inu Yasha


Matrix, Matrix reloaded, Rush hour 3, The protector, Spider man(1,2, and 3), and spawn lol.


Lamb of god, Trivium, Linkin park, Slipknot, Mudvayne, Good Charlotte, Sum 41, AFI, Snow Patrol, All-American Rejects, Disturbed, Billy Talent, Power-man 5000, Korn, and basically anything that sounds good.

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