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"L is for love; L is forever. -- me and my depression over L's death"

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AlphaFemale3 | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (4) |
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Wow, i am alot more drugged up (cough syrup COUGH SYRUP) than i thought. Spelling Friendly as "friednly". Feel free to hit me with any jutsu or traditional weapon you have within reach

Posted 16 years ago

AlphaFemale3 | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (4) |
Friends (41)

Love your movies, love your music, LOVE YOU! Isn't Gravitation the sweetest Shone-ai ever? Oh Yuuki... Watched anything new recently- I'm recently addicted to Vampire Knight but suffering severe detox as- being a snobbish white westener- i never bothered to learn japanese and thus am at the complete mercy of your friednly neighbourhood 'Fandubber'

Posted 16 years ago

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I looooove anime and manga, especially YAOI! (and Shonen-ai), I love to draw, I love to game, I love to dance! I'm not emo, I'm not goth, I'm not a prep or anything like that. I'm indie. I'm a dork, a weirdo, I'm mean, and I love to laugh. I have about... 8 husbands, one secret boyfriend (inside joke), and one person I like. And I really love hot guys. Espcially 2 hot guys. ...In yaoi. :D


~~ reading fiction and romance, manga YAOI!!, WRITING!! (my 'website' is one of the stories I'm working on), the general gay population, drawing, art, pictures, gaming (such as Civilization IV, WoW, Legend of Zelda, etc.), music!!!, and being on the comp.


~~ ANIME ANIME ANIME. Leverage, NCIS, Law & Order (all of them), anime, WCG Ultimate Gamer, anime, anime. . . ummm.. oh, and anime.


~~ The Mummy Returns, all Pirates of the Caribbean, Howl's Moving Castle, Watership Down, Spirited Away, Rent, Transformers, V for Vendetta, V for Vendetta, V for Vendetta, 17 Again, and I can't think of others atm.


~~just a HANDFUL of my MANY.(first-fav, last-least fav);; Flyleaf, Death Cab for Cutie, Panic at the Disco, Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars, 3OH!3, Ima Robot, Akeboshi, The Cab, Celldweller. oh man, that was really hard to pick just 10.

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