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"If violence isn't the answer, you're not asking the right questions."

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Hey Asajii your kind of weird... but in a cool and cute way...

Posted 16 years ago

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Canberra, act

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16 years ago

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16 years ago

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Wellity wellity well. (kehehehe Harrity) The name's Waffles, Agent Waffles. Cats fly. Squirrel's are the best pastry chef's in this world and the next. Dogs are just a conspiracy. Aliens and Robots walk among us. They're peaceful... So far. Candy cheats at Pazaak, Mad has hearts for Bao-Dur and Kreia sleeps with vibroblades. Dismayed Statement: Humans are disgusting meatbags. Yes, I'm not human thank you for noticing. Red Crayons aren't evil, it is all an illusion. Kreia thinks Exile is beautiful, because in her, she see's the end of all that she abhors. The death of the Force. We're not always lucky enough, to find what we want in the dirt and the dust... Every star is just a drop in the stich proving we're not ready yet. Commander Blue: Ow my nose! I'm bleeding, My perfect looks! NOOO! Its like throwing red paint on the Mona Lisa! How could you! Krillen: This guy is strange. Commander Blue:... *sulks* I hope someone picks you up and shows you what you really mean.


Shiny objects


Scrubs, Supernatural, Medical Investigation, Alias, Charmed, Naruto, Firefly, Buffy, Angel, Spicks and Specks, House, Invader Zim, Fairly Odd Parents, Housing Evil, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Passions, NCIS, Please Teacher!, DN Angel + more


oh loads lol The Evil Dead movies. Especially Evil Dead 2. I love "10 Things I hate About You" ^_^ AWESOME movie.


R.E.M. Marvelous 3 Great Big Sea Dishwalla Fastball Jellyfish Nine Days Jeff Buckley Asian Kung-Fu Generation ZEBEDEE Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi Witches! Barenaked Ladies Oasis The Zutons Thirsty Merc The Cure SR-41 Cat Empire Yeah Yeah Yeahs Howling Bells

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