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Mushroom Kingdom

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11 years ago

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11 years ago

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Name: Amu Rashoujin Nicknames: Ami, Momo, Lum gender: Female ♀ B-day: 4/22 age: pm me height: 5'4 weight: i dunno status: single C rappy shows (Only CNReal) A a disgrace to hannah-barbera R etarted CNReal fans T wits are Bobby,suart snyder, and Tom 4 O mg same thing with Kids WB and Nick O nly cares about the money N o good shows anymore N othing but bullshit E pic fail T he bastard is Blake Michael W here is dexter lab, ppg, jonnhy bravo etc... O mg, the looney tunes is gone on CN R evenge on Suart snyder K evin from ed edd n eddy is counting on you Copy and paste if you hate CN! A dam is a idiot D ouche bag A disgrace to dexter's lab M aniac L oser Y es, he's gone forever O h my god, he sucks N ot a good show put this if you hate my gym partners of a monkey


my laptop my friends ( irl and online friends, ) sailor moon, nintendo, anime, detectives, shrine maidens, ninjas, samurais


dexter's lab, sailor moon, johnny bravo, family guy, hey arnold, bettle juice, invader zim, sonic, hukleberry hound, dbz, yu yu hakusho, super mario super show


too many


80's music, techno, rock, trance

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