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"Kura Raba!!"

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puppyprincezz | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (1) |
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hey do you want 2 b my friend??

Posted 14 years ago

Espeongirl | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (113) |
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wanna be freind?

Posted 14 years ago

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February 2



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well not much really interesting about me... im 14 and live in the UK. i am an anime fanatic. my favourite animes are Negima, bleach and any .hack// I have every single pokemon game up to date and watch anime 24/7 (proves how i have no life!) i know practically all there is to the charachters luppi, natsumi and the pokemon ampharos. i enjoy laying down and reading a good manga or horror book i spend most of my time at the computer watching anime or drawing manga characters! I HATE spiders and seaguls .... *shivers* .... sooo scary.... My favourate dot hack Phase/Epitaph is Magus in the first games and gorre/innis in G.U .... Magus does not look like a spoon or a whisk!


Negima, Bleach and Dot hack are my 3 favourite things but aside from them i also like... everything to do with anime or manga ... I like playing guitar and drawing. the sims 2 is one of my favourite games.I would love to go to japan.Natsumi Murakami <3


Negima!?, Bleach, naruto, my-hime,death note, faimly guy, fullmetal alchemist, loveless, air gear .hack//roots .hack//sign .hack//liminality .hack//legend of the twilight love hina, ouran high school host club, lucky star, Haruhi, Ikki Tousen, Tsubasa,CCS


Scary movie quadrilogy,epic movie, pokemon movies, the fox and the hound 1&2, the nightmare before christmas, beetle juice, the corpse bride, the legend of sleepy hollow, big fish, edward scissor hands, the rocky horror picture show.... Spirited away!


paramore, my chemical romance, Fall out boy,aice5,Yui.. evanescance, enter shikari, alexisonfire, bullet for my valentine, HIGH and MIGHTY color, queens of the stone age, AKFG, bowling for soup, Alones, the used, Aice5.... basically emo and j-rock

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