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  • Re-Enter the Dragon
    Re-Enter the Dragon

    After deciding to hire Wendy to work at DragonFire Films, Peter must negotiate with her pimp.

  • Mr. Dragon Goes To Washington
    Mr. Dragon Goes To Washington

    During his Capitol Hill testimony on film violence, Peter goes out of his way to antagonize the panel's conserva...

  • Dead Man Floating
    Dead Man Floating

    Following his death from a heart attack, Peter comes face to face with God. When his promise to be a n...

  • Dragon's Blood
    Dragon's Blood

    As he welcomes his daughter Georgia to the office on "Take Your Daughter to Work Day," Peter loo...

  • Last Ride of the Elephant Princess
    Last Ride of the Elephant Princess

    When Bobby complains about the project's slow start, Peter offers to put his own money into Beverly Hills ...

  • Love Sucks
    Love Sucks

    When Stuart suggests that actress Reagan Lauren Busch star in their new picture, Peter agrees and asks f...

  • Blood Money
    Blood Money

    As Wendy helps Adam with a bad case of writer’s block, Peter learns that he’s going to be a father again.

  • Blowhard

    As a result of all his hard work, screenwriter Adam Rafkin has been hospitalized. To help cheer him ...

  • Checkmate

    Benson and visiting Russian officials move into a hilarious duel of wits when an 11-year-old Soviet chess genius d...

  • Changes (Pilot)
    Changes (Pilot)

    Benson is searched by guards, soaked by sprinklers, attacked by vicious dogs, mistaken for the Rev. Jesse Jack...


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