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There's no effective way to describe the mushi – They simply are. They simply have been since life first began. As with many other things, man has forgotten how to see. And just as it's difficult to describe the feel or texture of an object to someone who's never held it in his own hands, to one who's never seen the mushi…

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  • 23:50
    Mushi-shi - s1e14 - Inside the Cage
    Episode: 14

    Resting in a bamboo forest, Ginko is joined by a man who has been lost within the shadowy confines for several years. Unable to escape, he has married the bamboo child of local lore and together creat more »

  • 23:50
    Mushi-shi - s1e12 - One-Eyed Fish
    Episode: 12

    A mountainside tragedy leaves a young boy alone, to be rescued by the Mushi Master Nui. Under her care, Yoki's incessant curiosity drives his quest to learn about the other plane of life which exists ... more »

  • 23:50
    Mushi-shi - s1e10 - The White Which Lives Within the Ink Stone
    Episode: 10

    The doctor friend of Ginko's needs his help. While out on a call, three village children broke into his storage shed and stumbled upon an artifact of deadly consequence: An ink stone. Unable to tell m more »

  • 23:50
    Mushi-shi - s1e9 - The Heavy Seed
    Episode: 9

    In his never ending quest for food, Ginko is sent to a village blessed with abundance in a year of strife Or rather cursed, for what should have been the death of many will mean the death of only one. more »

  • 23:50
    Mushi-shi - s1e8 - Where Sea Meets Man
    Episode: 8

    Ginko's path crosses that of a forsaken soul waiting along the shore, waiting for the young wife lost several years before. The two having been driven back home by difficult times, she had not abandon more »

  • 23:50
    Mushi-shi - s1e7 - Raindrops and Rainbows
    Episode: 7

    Forced to seek shelter as temporary reprieve from the rain, Ginko meets a man chasing rainbows out of desperation rather than hope. Having inherited a name and a curse from his father, two ages of one more »

  • 23:50
    Mushi-shi - s1e6 - Those Who Inhale the Dew
    Episode: 6

    The Mushi Master Ginko sneaks onto an island all but completely locked away from the world. He has been led there by a young boy who must daily watch his friend die. A false idol at the heart of an in more »

  • 23:50
    Mushi-shi - s1e5 - The Traveling Swamp
    Episode: 5

    Trekking across mountains to a seaside village, Ginko finds his fellow hikers unsettling indeed. The first is a misplaced swamp which can inexplicably travel as if blessed with feet. The second, a mel more »

  • 23:50
    Mushi-shi - s1e4 - The Pillow Pathway
    Episode: 4

    Ginko travels back to a place he's been before, to check in on a man whose dreams carry portents of the future. In the midst of desolation Ginko finds grief, and rather than a mushi he must free this ... more »

  • 23:50
    Mushi-shi - s1e3 - Tender Horns
    Episode: 3

    Summoned to a remote village, Ginko has traveled into the winter which swallows all sound. Every year when this valley lies bereft of noise save for the silence of falling snow, villagers are stricken more »

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