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There's no effective way to describe the mushi – They simply are. They simply have been since life first began. As with many other things, man has forgotten how to see. And just as it's difficult to describe the feel or texture of an object to someone who's never held it in his own hands, to one who's never seen the mushi…

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  • 23:50
    Mushi-shi - s1e25 - Eye of Fortune, Eye of Misfortune
    Episode: 25

    Ginko encounters a wanderer of a different breed, a street musician who sings hauntingly of the mushi. After a moment's conversation he is inspired by her plight. As a child she had no vision, yet now more »

  • 23:47
    Mushi-shi - s1e24 - The Journey to the Field of Fire
    Episode: 24

    Rumors of a new kind of mushi have brought Ginko out to visit another master, one who's been studying the discovery for some time. But upon his arrival, Ginko is disturbed to find the villagers prepar more »

  • 23:50
    Mushi-shi - s1e21 - The Sound of Rust
    Episode: 23

    Ginko's wanderings are driven off course when he comes across a strange sound echoing through the frozen mountains. Following the source back to a village, there he finds the people plagued with a rus more »

  • 23:50
    Mushi-shi - s1e22 - Shrine in the Sea
    Episode: 22

    Ginko travels to an island to investigate the legend of the uminaoshi, people who have died and been reborn. The remote island is one of idyllic beauty, deep family bonds and great happiness A paradis more »

  • 23:50
    Mushi-shi - s1e20 - A Sea of Writings
    Episode: 20

    A family renowned for two things: An exhaustive archive of the records of Mushi Masters and a black birthmark, a curse that's survived through the generations. The archives are priceless, the girl eve more »

  • 23:50
    Mushi-shi - s1e19 - String from the Sky
    Episode: 19

    A servant with high aspirations reaches up and disappears into the sky. Literally up in the heavens, but not quite, the young lady for a time resides in the shadow world of the mushi. Found by Ginko a more »

  • 23:48
    Mushi-shi - s1e18 - Clothes that Embrace the Mountain
    Episode: 18

    A mystical mountain, an artist's first inspiration. As fame and fortune grow, any thoughts of his former life lie discarded like a robe dropped carelessly on the ground. Ten years later, the muse has ... more »

  • 23:50
    Mushi-shi - s1e16 - Sunrise Serpent
    Episode: 16

    A boy worries for his mother, her mind left addled in the early spring sun. A warm breeze, the fragrance of flowers and the sound of a loom All things that lull the mind to sleep and yet rest will not more »

  • 23:50
    Mushi-shi - s1e14 - Inside the Cage
    Episode: 14

    Resting in a bamboo forest, Ginko is joined by a man who has been lost within the shadowy confines for several years. Unable to escape, he has married the bamboo child of local lore and together creat more »

  • 23:50
    Mushi-shi - s1e7 - Raindrops and Rainbows
    Episode: 7

    Forced to seek shelter as temporary reprieve from the rain, Ginko meets a man chasing rainbows out of desperation rather than hope. Having inherited a name and a curse from his father, two ages of one more »

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